Hello there everyone. My dog is a smart dog. She can fetch, beg, knock, open doors, but she doesn't learn any new tricks these days and she really disobedient especially when she's excited. Help?


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Have you worked with your dog in distracting enviroments? If she is too excited and won't focus on you, you need to teach her to be calm in other environments.

First, take her to a place (inside your house for example) where she is calm and isn't easily distracted. Slowly build up to higher distractions. If she seems to get even a little excited once you move to another area, move back to the previous area and work her more there, then increase the distractions a little more.

Aim high and don't let your dog fail. Remember you want to set your dog up for success!

Do you use a clicker? What methods are you using?
Does she already know sit, down, stay, etc.?

How old is she? What breed?

I'm sure other members will give you much more in-sight!

Exercise is important in your dog's life too. How many times do you walk/run her per day? How long?
If your dog isn't getting stimulated chances are she will be more excited when other occurances pop up which results in a misbehaved dog.


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Hi - how old is your dog, what kind of dog do you have, and by "disobedient", what do you mean? Also, you said she doesn't learn any new tricks these days - are you trying to teach her any? Give us some more info, and maybe we can help you.
Ok first Dilly:
She get's a one hour walk a day. It includes running, playing and sometimes a tad bit obedient training.
Next, Jordy... (I don't really want to type to much:D)
When my dog was born a flood that reached above my head happened so I guess that's still in her head but She' usually tamed (Except around cats, or cute dogs, or puppies.... Or anything cute...)
We ussually just tell her to stay or wait but she loves me so much she follows me every inch I take.... Also we use just a tiny piece of chocolate once a day to keep her calm.
She's just two years old/ 14 dog years old and she's an american border collie.
We give her a seperate 15-30 minute walk from 2-3 times a day.
Thanks for the help!
And last Jackie:
As I said she's 2 years old. By disobedient I mean there are times when she get's excited then she bites or scratches our foot many times then goes to our beds then when we tell her to get out she runs to the closest one possible and she loves to destroy furniture and attack anything cute.
I've been trying to trick her how to roll over but she'll just stare at me and turn her head and blink then think in her mind... "Uh.... How do I do that?" I try to show her how to do it by copying a normal dog but instead she kisses me in the head and I'm sure she's saying "Please, stand up. I'm the dog. Your looking crazy." Oh here she is right now! Also she has a hard time learning how to stay....


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Okay. A one hour walk isn't enough for a Border Collie. They need MUCH more stimulation than that. And it can, and mostly like is, contributing to her biting/scratching, destroying furniture etc. Sounds like a bored Border Collie to me!!

Are you using Stay and Wait interchangably? This will confuse her.

Stay means "Stay here until I come back no matter how long I'm gone"
Wait means "Wait here until I release you. It'll be quick"

If your dog is not staying when you give her the command/hand signal stay, you didn't teach it right. Most people give the command stay and expect their dog to stay in that spot, in the same position while they do something. And most of the time, the dog will leave his position because he has no idea what the word/hand signal means. In other words, he doesn't know what you want of him.

If you want to teach your dog to stay (and remember Border Collies pick up things quickly!), position yourself by the dog's left side. If you're using a clicker, click and treat, when she stays for even just a split of a second. Add a verbal cue/hand signal. Once you get a few repetitions in, take one step forward from your dog, if your dog stays, click and treat/praise/toy. Each time your dog stays move forward a step, and increase the duration of time your dog is staying. If she gets out of position, tell her to sit/lie down (which ever position you are working on), and go back to the previous step you took.

Repetition is the key. Remember, you want your dog to succeed! It's okay if your dog doesn't get it the first time. Don't be afraid to go back a step if your dog doesn't understand!

Show her how to do it? You mean you get on the ground and roll over, yourself? This will not teach your dog to roll over. Teaching this trick is very simple actually! And since your dog is a BC, she should pick it up pretty easily.

Okay, first off... What are you doing to teach her to roll over?
She takes wait and stay as both and she always get it unless she's so excited. We ussually leave her in another house which runs around in circles for the whole day.
I teach her how to roll over by putting her in a lie down position then rub her belly then get her favorite food and make her whole body follow the food eventually instead she stands up and grabs the food.

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Hello Yeshua,
Are making sure the reward you have on offer is something she really wants? It will also help to get her focused more on you. Sometimes you need to vary and change the reward as something that was once their favorite food (or toy) they may have got bored with. Dogs tend to prefer meaty smelly treats.

When teaching her to roll over put her in the down position. Then gently lure her head round and towards her bottom and her whole body will roll. Do not allow her to get the food if she tries to grab it. Try and make the lure as clear as possible and always work with her in short sessions to avoid confusion and frustration.


Please don't feed your dog chocolate. Even if it's just a little bit, it still may be potentially harmful to her. You may want to Google "list of harmful foods for dogs" to find out more.


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yes, on Lburton's post, DOGS SHOULD NOT GET CHOCOLATE AT ALL!!!!!!! shiver! Yes, do google "foods no dog should eat", the list is fairly long. 1659&aid=1030

You *might* want to mention to your vet that your dog has eaten chocolate regularly for years(?) to see if vet wants to run some blood work to check for kidney or liver damage in your dog.

You can use real bits of meat, or hotdogs, for treats. Dogs are born to eat meat.