Is Bergin Univ. Worthwhile?


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Hello, I have recently read about Bergin. My daughter would love to earn a degree like they offer, and ultimately help both dogs and people by being key in service dog training.

My concerns include:
Is Bergin totally legitimate... is their education plan considered as reputable as other colleges and universities or is it more fly-by-night and people in the outside world will not consider it a legit degree?

I've read almost their entire website and looked over the classes offered. I know she would need her first two years of gen. ed. from another accredited college... not a problem, but are there other students at Bergin who are that young... 19 or so years old... or is it more of an older student body?

Lastly, would you recommend she just get some certifications they offer or take part in some of Bergin's training programs, or should she just jump in for the BS degree? And if she does, will she still basically need to continue at Bergin to obtain the various certificates they offer for different dog training programs?

Thank you for any info you can share that would shed light on these questions.