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  1. Tux Active Member

    Hi All - Tuxie here!
    I am pretty excited to have found this fun group of pooches who like to share fun tricks with their awesome owners. I love tricks -- and I reeeeeeally love all the treats and attention that come with doing tricks too! Now that I think about it, I mean, like, really think about, I'd have to say that mostly I just like the treats. And the attention a bit too, but really, to be honest, I do it for the treats :) Which makes doing tricks kinda sinchy, 'cause I will do almost anything for food. Well .....I will always try anyways. I don't have too much coordination and a couple of times I have been called 'a big clutz' (whatever that means) by my human pal and so I can't always do aaaall the tricks. 'Cause clutz's can't really 'dance' or 'beg'. But I don't care. I do other tricks instead, like play dead and whine like I'm bleeding and injured or close the front door or play on the drum kit (I have a pretty mean 4/4 if you know what I mean). I always get good treats from doing those tricks, so I'm okay not to 'dance'.
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  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hi Tuxie, welcome to the Dog Trick Academy! :) Love your enthusiasm!
  3. Ina Well-Known Member

    Hey, who needs to dance if you can "sit pretty":D
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