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Hi Everyone

I have no idea if this is the right way to get started but here goes.

I'm a Canadian and I have 3 Border Collies. I'm here because I have a dog team with about 10 members but its growing and we go to retirement homes and nursing homes and put on shows for no charge. We are just a bunch of pet dog people who love having fun with our dogs and who love bringing some fun and joy into the lives of others.

One of the things I hope to learn is new tricks for us to do during the shows.

I'm glad to be here.


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Welcome from a fellow BC owner and lover. ^^ Kudos to you for what you and your team members do. :) We'd love to see a video or some pictures! Welcome, good luck, and enjoy the site!


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Welcome bren1950! My dog, Atka & I also go to nursing homes and retirement communities to put on shows as a Therapy and Tricks Dog, too! So cool to see someone else do that as well. Like tx cowgirl said, would love to see some videos and pics, too!