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  1. stormi Well-Known Member

    Hi Frecs,

    Welcome to DTA. Tanner sounds lovely and like he will really benefit from you keeping his active little mind occupied :dogwink:

    I have 2 cockers, both blue roans, a 5 year old (Storm) and an 18 month old (Lily).

    What colour is your little guy? I look forward to seeing photos/videos of him :dogbiggrin:

    edited to add: I just noticed you posted a photo of him...he's gorgeous!

  2. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Hi and welcome to the Academy! My photo doesn't seem to like your pic, lol--didn't want to load but I'll try again later. I'm sure he's gorgeous.

    Indeed, with therapy work cute tricks are a wonderful way to break the ice with people who may be less than enthusiastic to see your furry friend. The challenges are always tons of fun--you can participate in this month's challenge or view the past challenges. Good luck with Tanner, and enjoy the site!
  3. frecs New Member

    Thanks! He is one very handsome man. He has LONG lashes...I wouldn't let the groomer trim them off...women would kill for lashes like his! :msngiggle:
  4. frecs New Member

    I have signed up for the March challenge!:dogbiggrin:
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Wonderful, good luck! It's one of my favorite tricks. ^^
  6. stormi Well-Known Member

    :msngrin: My Storm has very long lashes too :dogblush:
  7. frecs New Member

    Aren't they just the prettiest things? People just go nuts over Tanner's eyelashes! No way I'd let the groomer trim away his gorgeousness!

    Okay, I confess...I'm rather smitten with my gorgeous dog! He's my first purebred and truthfully is the most handsome dog I've ever owned. He is just a little pistol so I have to make sure I don't let him away with his orneriness because he's so cute. :dogwink:
  8. stormi Well-Known Member

    Haa-haa. Yes, the long lashes are very pretty and Storm too has people stop to admire hers :msngiggle: . Some women admit to being quite jealous of them :dogwink: She does sometimes catch bits of fluff in the ends of them though :dogwub:

    I do hope you and Tanner have lots of fun here and wish you an enjoyable time training for the Easter challenge.

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