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My name is Crista Meyer. I am a trainer and have a pet care facility in Houston, TX called Urban Tails. We are expanding and adding a pool for the dogs as well as an indoor playground for people to come with their dogs. I was working on the games/activities we would be doing with the owner/dog teams in the playground when I came across this site. How fun! Always new things to learn and new ways of teaching as well. I look forward to exploring the site and meeting new people!

Crista Meyer
Urban Tails
Houston, Texas

Jean Cote

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Hi Christa!!

Very happy to hear about your career orientation, sounds like you really love dogs!! :dogsmile:

The site isn't finished (only up to level 3 as of right now) but I'm working on it - and eventually there is going to be a ton of lessons! Glad you could join us and be a part of our community!