Introducing Wrigley and Me...


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Well here we are... going to begin this whole training thing. I'm excited to have found a site like this to help me help Wrigley. I'll post pictures when I am able to reduce the file size... He'sa cute little booger though (I may be a bit bias).


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Jack Russ Terr. About to be 2. He developed a hatred for me for whatever reason. I have just recently gained his trust back and think that the training route will do wonders for our relationship...

Jean Cote

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Positive training does improve relationships between dog & owner. It also works with people. :)


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welcome aboard...

My JRR/JR-Beagle went through a "phase" with me too.. Now we are best buddies.. but it took some hard work (from both of us)!

I look forward to getting to know you and wrigley.

(great name)