Introducing the [Nearly] Perfect Scout (and myself of course)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sara, May 28, 2008.

  1. sara Moderator

    I joined quite awhile ago, but haven't had any time for more than a quick look around. I have 2 dogs, both rescues. One has been very badly abused and after 4.5 years of living with us, she has finally calmed down enough to teach her a couple of tricks, nothing major tho, Zoe can Hi 5, shake a paw and dance.

    Scout, however is the reason I joined. I adopted her 11 months ago, she was 4 years old at the time and was 2 hours from being euthanized. No one wanted to adopt a deaf dog and Scout is. Scout is a terrier mix of some kind and an absolute love bug. She would like nothing better than to snuggle up to me all day. I have discovered though, that this dog has an amazing capacity for learning. In 11 months, she has learned 37 hand signals (not including the gestures and body language that she understands) She has become so totally focused on me (and my treats) That almost nothing else exists for her when we are out. She knows all the ordinary tricks and I am looking for other tricks to teach her. We can string things together and build on tricks, she is so amazing. Anyone who meets her is amazed by her (and often want me to take their dog for a month lol) I have never had a better canine partner!

    I am going to list the tricks she can do because I like to brag on her behalf lol
    Shake an paw (Left and right)
    High five (Left, Right, both)
    Wave (Left, Right, both)
    Roll over
    Cover her nose
    Play dead
    Bow (She crosses one front paw behind the other, its so cute!)
    Back up (in front of, beside, and around me)
    Walk on 2 feet (forwards and backwards)
    Spin (Left and Right)
    Catch a treat off her nose
    and we could walk into a Rally-O course and do very well
    All of this is by hand signal only, as she cant hear (disabled my...uh anyway). The only limitations we have is my imagination, I first have to figure out how to teach her the hand signal and the movement.

    Any way, we have alot of fun. She is an awesome tool for teaching people that deaf dogs are not the horrible dogs that the myths make them out to be. I would definitely have another deaf dog...or 10. I think they're better than "normal" dogs.

    Anyway, this is long enough, I'll look forward to any ideas of new tricks and I think I will love this site!

    Sara (and Scout)
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  2. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I decided to start scrolling through all the intros from before I joined the DTA, and I found yours, Sara, with no responses. So, welcome! I know you have added a few more deafies since this time, as well as Oliver. You've come a long way, and learned so much! Well done!

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