Introducing Isabella And I :)


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Hi my name is Madi. I have a small yorkie named Isabella she is now three years old. I love her so much!!! She is very smart like any dog but, in my opinon you have to bond with your dog in a special way in order for her/him to give you enough respect to let you train them. So far I have taught Isabella how to sit, lay down, play dead, roll over, crawl, fetch, leave it, drop it, paw, wipe your face, weave through my legs,back up, and lastly how to open a door. I have so much fun training her she is one of the biggest parts of my life :) I would like to have responses about your dog maybe even tricks i could possibly teach Isabella I look forward to many more adventures in teaching my dog new tricks!!!!


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It sounds like you and Isabella are off to a great start! It sounds like you are pretty good at teaching a dog, and it sounds like Isabella is a pretty smart dog!
YOu might like the "CLASSROOM" section above, for more ideas, or the tricks in the forums, too. BEST OF LUCK! and welcome!