Introducing Chewie!


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I'm behind, have had major ISP problems. With her pulling the very best tack to use is a good harness not, sorry Chewie, a pretty girlie one but one especially designed for dogs large or small who pull. They're actually better than a Halti (though I've used those too with dogs who pulled a lot) because they stop the pulling and do not put any strain at all on the neck muscles. The neck/throat area can be quite seriously (even permanently) damaged if any strain is put on them. Although the Halti doesn't put strain per se, using it the way they instruct does, so please do NOT use it to pull her around as described in their instructions, as this can cause damage to a dog.:)


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Love you little vids and pics with the words you put to them.... you should do some professionally for people. They could give you pics/vids of their dog and you could put a comic strip type thing together for them!