Intro- Rosanna & Murray


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Hi - I'm Rosanna and I live in Chicago with my husband and almost 6 month old maltese puppy. He's a great dog, and picks things up pretty quickly (when he's focused) and i'm looking forward to teaching him new things and keeping him challenged!

Jean Cote

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Well then you've come to the right place!!! :dogsmile: We offer a bunch of brain cracking exercises for young pups! :dogsmile:


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Hi rosannapr. I'm from chicago too. You will definitely find alot on this site to keep your maltese busy.


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Yep, you have come to right place. I am telling all my doggie friends about the academy because this is the place to really test your training skills, gets lots of advice and feedback, and have support for the best past time available - learning tricks with your pooch!