Intro & Response To Acd's Vs Texas Heelers

Hyla Burleson

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Hello, I live in texas too, & hope to share some new info on Heelers.

In Australia, there are two breeds of Cattle Dogs
recognized by the ANKC, (AKC equivalent in AU) One is the "Australian
Cattle Dog", the other breed, "Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog". The
Stumpy, when blue has no tan markings. It's natural tail can be anywhere from
no tail at all to 4inches long. Pups born with full length tails are not eligible to be registered.
These dogs tails are never docked.
Other differences. They are lighter boned than an ACD, body type is square, not long. Ears on top
of the head at 11:00 & 1:00 o'clock, ACD ears shorter, and set at 2:00- & 10:00. Not
heavy bodied. The Stumpy is actually the older breed.
They have been coming to the states since WWII. The thing is the Americans did not understand
that they were getting to different breeds of dogs, & often cross breed them.
There are not many purebred registered Stumpies in North American. CKC, (Canadian Kennel Club) has them as a breed,
as does UKC, in the states, & ARF. I am including a side by side photo of the two breeds so you can see the differnces.
I have had Stumpies for more than 20 yrs. Have been to Australia several times & adore this breed. Happy to answer any questions anyone here has.
There is also a face book group. Just type in Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.
Thanks for reading.