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  1. JessDM86 Member

    My name is Jessica I live in KY. I am orginally from IN. I bought my german shepard pup 2 days ago. I am starting training my puppy cause it is healthy for him. I love him he is 10 weeks and fun to play with but he some habits Id like to break him of. Like biting toes, furniture, and things that puppies chew. I love swimming, riding horses, biking and movies!

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  2. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WELCOME!! AWWwww, what a CUTIE you have there!!:love: how adorable, what did you name him? I much admire the GSD, so much, such magnificent dogs, imo.

    AND YAY FOR YOU for wanting to train your dog! Yes! I like you already, i wish everyone would give their dogs a chance to learn things.

    Of course, teaching an infant baby dog what you do want, will take longer,
    and take more patience on your part,
    than it would for an adult dog, but, it can be done.

    He sounds like a typical puppy, sure does!:ROFLMAO:

    If you are NEW to dog training,
    remember, it's usually better and easier, to teach/reward what you DO want,
    instead of trying to correct what you don't want.<--often this is useless anyway.
    And of course, no one should ever hit a dog, yell at a dog, yank their leash, etc, (sorry, i don't know you, i'm sure you already knew that, but, just in case)

    Here are some ideas to help teach your adorable infant baby dog how to control that natural urge all puppies have to mouth everything----here Kikopup is demonstrating how to reward what you DO want.
    Dogs notice,
    and tend to repeat behaviors they get rewarded for.

    ^NOT every trainer on youtube, :cautious: can be trusted to give good advice,
    but that is KIKOPUP, and i can strongly recommend ANY of her videos-----Kikopup is "positive only" which is best way to teach a dog anything you want to teach him.
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  3. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Jess, if you have any questions, just post them! I don't think raising up an infant baby dog to adulthood is super easy,:rolleyes: imo, and no doubt, other things will come along, and you might wonder how to teach your dog what you DO want him to do instead.
    so feel free to post any question.
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  4. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    Welcome!!! Great place to be to get ANY training advice!!!
  5. Ariel Well-Known Member

    Welcome to DTA! I'm sure you'll benefit greatly from the wealth of knowledge everyone has to offer!
  6. GEORGE'SDAD Well-Known Member

    And the amount of hilarity and craziness that is abundent here!!! I am constantly busting a gut laughing on here!!!
  7. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Welcome. What a cutie!!!
  8. Mr-Remington Experienced Member

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  9. Mutt Experienced Member

    Welcome on DTA!
    I'd love to read more from you!
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    Welcome!!!!!:D Yes, this site offers tons of info on lots of topics, and there are many HILARIOUS posts!!!!!:ROFLMAO: We would love to see more pictures of that ADORABLE pup, anytime!!!!!:love: HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW PUP!!!!!
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  11. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! Your puppy is just adorable. :love:
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  12. Caiti Experienced Member

    Welcome to the DTA! Your puppy is extremely adorable! :)

    Tigerlily is right, Kikoup is a positive reinforcement trainer on youtube who puts up imformative and very helpful videos. She has quite a few videos about puppies and various aspects of puppy training. You should check out her channel.
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  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome to DTA!!:D
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome what a cutie:) I just ADORE German Shepherds:D Do stay with this forum. You'll find so much help, especially raising a puppy, they can be a handful at times:eek: But oh so worth it:) Ask questions, you will DEFINITELY get help, I know I have had so much help from this forum and as it's all based on POSITIVE TRAINING clicker/treat it works FAST. Plus you'll have a happy, well trained dog who will be a joy to all:)
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  15. Pawtential Unleashed Experienced Member

    Welcome and congrats on the new pup! You have certainly come to the right place for advice!
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