In The Dayton, Ohio Area And Want To Learn Disc?

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    The first Southern Ohio Flying K9s Learning clinic for 2013 is coming up fast, April 27th in the Dayton, Ohio area. We will have full details and registration shortly.

    Some of what is in store for you at the learning clinic:

    ... Rules & Equipment - Format differences, Game differences and demos, typical strategies, disc selection vests, etc.
    Beginner Disc Dog - Getting your dog started with disc play, sliders, rollers, tugging, takes, overs, short tosses

    Long Distance - learn to compete in long distance competitions, techniques to get maximum distance, timing based on format, formats (Quad, Skyhounds, etc.)

    Beginner throwing - backhand, forehand, floater verses dart, accuracy & mechanics

    Intermediate throwing - learn accuracy at achieving greater distances, various releases (staker, push, overhand wrist flip, hammer toss, upside down, thumber, and variations)

    Basic Freestyle, putting sets and tricks together, use of field and disc management, learning how to do tricks (flips, overs, vaults, zig zag, pass, around the world, transitions, etc.)

    Keep an eye on our website!

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