I'm new here


trainer timmy

Hello I'm new here, but I mainly came for lesson 2. I really like the lounge and some of the tricks here though. What started as obedience training is now to where my goal is to teach Alexis new tricks.

Jean Cote

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:welcome: to the Academy!

You'll find that by training tricks, your obedience will improve. (Your training skills will improve along with your dog's enthusiasm!) :dogsmile:


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Welcome Timmy
I did the same thing, started with obedience and then found that teaching tricks builds on obedience and reinforces it too!
Be sure to get involved with the monthly challenges. I am new here too and already Z and I are enjoying the Box Freestyle. I look forward to "training sessions" as much as Z!


Welcome to the DTA! The lessons also come with all the support and advise you could ask for!:msnohyes:


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Nice to see you here. I first came here looking for simple training like sit, down, stay, etc. But after seeing the videos of everyone training the tricks and seeing how their dogs enjoyed it and seeing the support and friendship that was here on the board I was sold on the idea of continueing the training.

Hope to see you in future challenges


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hi there
when i first came here i wanted to do the things just a bit harder then the basic's now i want to learn all the tricks and my dog rosie is just loving it and you learn heaps of thing i the chat rooms like smile and ect...
hope ya make heaps of friends here
maddie and rosie