I'm Feeling Blue...


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Have you ever just felt like a situation that you don't like is just in your face no matter where you turn?

Lately for me, there has been all of this negative pit bull attention both in my local community, and on various social media that I use.

My boyfriend and I adopted a pit bull mix, Breelan, last year. We had been fostering for our local shelter for about a year, and had really learned a lot about pit bull types, stereotypes, and advocating for pit bulls. We love Breelan to pieces, and we knew that she was part of our little makeshift family. The problem is... we were so much better at advocating pit bulls before we met Breelan. Now when we hear somebody say something negative about pit bulls, it is just so so SO personal to us. We have become too emotionally involved to always keep a level head and to educate with pure logic, and and a factual approach. We love her so much, and things that used to be disappointing to hear are now just plain hurtful. Instead of defending pit bulls when we see or hear a conversation where they are getting negative attention, we avoid it because it just gets so heartbreaking. Which is why I am here typing this now... everywhere I am turning pit bulls are being critiqued, judged, talked about like they are a weapon rather than a pet, or just completely and totally bashed. My heart just aches right now because I know these things are going on, and instead of taking a step up for Breelan and saying something I feel like I just can not do it anymore. Even when I try to do what I always did, I am constantly thinking about Breelan, constantly thinking that if I don't find the right words... words that can convince people that they don't have to fight against these dogs that someday the consequences could affect Breelan.

I just can't find the part of me that was passionate, but not so passionate that my points were lost in my emotion. We are actually having discussions about never adopting a pit bull mix after Breelan because of how hard it is to hear people say that wonderful dogs like Breelan shouldn't exist, and who refuse to believe that she really is wonderful.

Top it all off with the fact that some people just won't seem to ever change their stance on this no matter what you say, what you do, or how many times your own dog proves them wrong.



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That sounds so hard.

Just enjoy Breelan, don't feel you need to debate, perhaps even say to people that you find their words too hurtful to engage with and walk away. Breelan and you don't need to argue with words, those who can be convinced will see you both living a different life to the stereotypes, that is the strongest argument there ever will be.


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Running_dogs right you are defending the Pit Bull breed by making sure Breelan is a good doggy citizen. I have Piper who I believe is an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix and I also have delt with the stereotypes. In fact we just boarded Piper from Friday to Sunday and one of the places we looked at PetSmart does not allow "Bully" breeds (APT, AB, ASBT) I will not be shopping there anymore. But just train Breelan to be well behaved and show everyone how sweet she is. Actions speak loader than words. Don't let those ignorant people tear you down.


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Yes, I can feel for you. We're not even allowed to own a Pit Bull here and people I know do own the most beautiful, loving, gorgeous, funny Pit Bull ever - but he's HEAVILY disguised as an Am Staff - and if anyone tried to take him away my friend would hit the road and become an outlaw!!!!!!!!!!!

By the same token I have another friend, animal lover too, who will NOT believe Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs. She reads and listens to all the 'horror' stories about them and sadly refuses to believe that they are absolutely wonderful dogs. I just keep quiet now, some people are just too ignorant and stubborn to change their minds or acknowledge they're wrong. Even though I love my friend, I do NOT like her attitude to Pit Bulls!

As others have said above, train beautiful Breelan to be the very best, most well mannered doggy around town. Don't waste time trying to convince ignorant people either, just rejoice in the amount of people who DEFEND Pit Bulls - there are many around and also some areas/places/towns are actually changing to be PRO Pit Bulls.

Actions always speak louder than words, so enjoy your beautiful Breelan, let her show people how loving and wonderful Pitties really are, don't allow your frustration and unhappiness prevent you from actively demonstrating by having Breelan the best mannered doggy around town, and also adopting/fostering another Pittie.

It is people like yourself who DO make a difference! One dog at a time!!!!!!!!