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    High all:

    We recently moved from a house to an apartment. Bailey loves to be out on the balconey ( don't worry, she's not able to go through the slats on the railing and doesn't jump high enough to go over the balconey enclosure ) either to watch the world go by or play. The problem arose though that she wanted to take her balls out on the balconey to play with them. We initially lost a few balls as they rolled through the opening at the bottom of the railing and over the edge ( we're on the 4th floor so they were gone forever unless they still happened to be laying in the grass when we went out next time ) We finally got wise and took one of those little webbed bags ( like the plastic webbed bags the oranges or onions sometimes come in ) we put a tennis ball, or one of the squeaky balls into the bag, cut it down and just did a hand sewn gathering stitch around the opening to keep the ball in it ... and then attached a long section of cotton cord to it. Now when we have a ball over board ... we just pull it back in ( don't make the cord too long though ... our downstairs neighbor got beaned once because the cord was long enough to bop someone out on their balconey when it went over ).

    You can also use a craft/exacto knife to cut a small slit in a tennis ball ... then you either tie off a big enough knot or we tied a 1/2 inch wooden bead to the cord and then stuff it into the slit on the tennis ball. Then you can pull the wayward ball back up if it rolls off the balconey.

    Ahhhhhhh the adventure of living the apartment life!

    Take care all: Hivin


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    Heights, urgh. :D That is a good idea though, thanks for sharing! I'm sure there are a few other members who've had this experience in the past! :)
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    lol, OOOPS :msngiggle:

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