I still do not know how to join


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Hello, everyone!

Sorry that I have not appeared since the first introduction.

What have I been doing? I and my papilln have been enjoying agility and practicing
Why I did not join the forums is I still do not get how to start as a newcomer except
Uploading the trick training movie? talking about the fun of small everyday progress?
questions why my pap takes a bit longer time to master some of the tricks compared
to others? good communication effect of doing tricks before agility competition run....

I've got a lot to talk with you, don't I?

Could anyone sugget me or tell me how you started when you newly joined, please?

Thank you!:msnblushing:

Jean Cote

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No worries about not being active in the forum! You can read and post whenever you want! :)

To upload a movie you must be a member of [ Youtube ], there on the top of the page you can see "Sign Up". You can send your videos there and paste the link on this forum so we can watch!

Learning to train your dog is not always easy in the beginning. You have to worry about holding the clicker, the treats, your timing and what you are doing. It just takes time and practice! As long as you are making progress, it really doesn't matter how long it takes! :)


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Thanks, Jean!

Thank you for your quick reply:dogsmile:

I am enjoying this site a lot!

Now I can take it easy. It is nice to read the threads even if I do not post.
I guess I may post reply to others since I know that I do not have to be too serious:msnblushing:

I am already a member of YouTube.

It would be nice if I can share the information with other papillon handlers in the
world on tricks, agility, outdoor activities, and more.

Thank you again,

yokoakari, Tokyo, Japan