I Love This Trick!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by Tâmara Vaz, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

  2. Dlilly Honored Member

    I love this trick too!! I won't be attempting it with Shiloh just yet though. :p
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  3. Anneke Honored Member

    :D Nice!!!
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    WOW! YOU DID IT!! WOW!! i do not think i could get my dog to do that.....wow! but now, i am inspired to try!
    This would further strenthen his "drop it" cue, which i've never ever tried with food.

    THANKS SO MUCH, TAMARA, and KUDOS on this great training!!! WOW!
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  5. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    WOW!! Tamara you are a great trainer!
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  6. southerngirl Honored Member

    GREAT JOB TAMARA!! That's amazing.
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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    WOW!!!! It's AMAZING!!!!:eek::D I can't get Shivon to hold anything for a long time, yet.
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  8. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    Thanks to you all !!! I'm sooo happy!!!
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  9. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    You are inspired to try so here's something that helps:
    1. She has a very good "Hold" and "Drop it on my hand".
    2.She has a very good self control.
    3. She has a well "Balance treats on the nose".
    4. I use a red flannel(appears on the video "Mais truques superinteligente husky" on the trick "Toma")to train her to hold "difficulty" stuff and she likes a lot to hold this.So...I first told her to hold the flannel with the sausage inside it then just the sausage then praise! praise! praise!
    with somethig she likes more than sausage, in my case han!
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  10. running_dog Honored Member

    LOL Once when Zac went off his food I trained this, by the 6th attempt the sausage was mysteriously slithering sideways and disappearing, trick training failure but at least he was eating again :ROFLMAO:.

    I really like the flannel idea :cool:.
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    How do we know it's not a plastic sausage??? :D :D
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  12. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    //How do we know it's not a plastic sausage??? :D:D//


    If i had working camera, i'd so run to post a photo of Buddy holding his toy pizza....:ROFLMAO:
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  13. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    I'll see what can I do...
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  14. Jean Cote Administrator

    I was just teasing Tamara. I'm sure it's a real sausage. ;)
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  15. running_dog Honored Member

    I was stupid with this trick, I rewarded with sausage for holding the sausage :( I should have rewarded with ox heart or lamb instead :rolleyes:.
  16. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

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  17. Teddy Weddy Well-Known Member

    Love it! Teddy knows this one too...... [IMG]
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  18. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwwww!!! What a wonderful pic!!!!! And the trick is ADORABLE!!!!!:love::D LOVE his cute little face!!!!:love: OMD, he is SOO CUTE!!!!
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  19. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    AWWWWW!!! So cute!!!!!
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  20. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    So cute!
    So smart!
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