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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by blacknose, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. blacknose Well-Known Member

    This is really a cool site - I love to teach my dogs tricks. I teach a 'Clix 4 Trix' class also and use Kyra Sundance's trick titles as a goal for my students. They love that. I can't wait to get busy looking thru all the information on different ways to teach tricks. I have 7 dogs (all small) and my house is so full of props for tricks its ridiculous. I find myself always shopping for items to use for tricks whenever I'm out :)

  2. bekah1001 Honored Member

    welcome... is that the author of 101 dog tricks. I have the book and love it
  3. blacknose Well-Known Member

    thanks! Yes, she has a really fun trick program for people to earn trick titles. She has another new book coming out this Oct. But I love sites like this because there are so many options to teaching or shaping a trick and other trainers can be so helpful if one isn't working so well.
  4. Jukes Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome to the forums:)
    7 dogs - wow - you must be super organised:D
    I hope you find loads of great stuff here - I certainly have - enjoy looking around;)
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  5. Dodge Well-Known Member

    :barefoot:hi and a warm welcome to you,blimey,do you find time for anything else than walking/excersing/training with 7 dogs :LOL: hat off to you (y) have fun on the forum,looking forward to lots of hints and tips from you(y)
  6. blacknose Well-Known Member

    Thanks, wow - how nice of you guys to welcome me! Yes, it is a 24/7 job taking care of my 7 little ones. We actually planned on a 6 dog furry family and #7 was an unplanned adoption but she needed us. But we are one big happy dog loving family! They are all little guys (15 lbs and under) so they probably equal one big dog - LOL They sure keep us busy though...... lots of schooling and grooming in this household. We are involved in all sort of dog sports too.
  7. Anneke Honored Member

    Welcome! Wauw 7 dogs!! I find it difficult to keep 2 busy;) Respect:notworthy:

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