I Had An Idea ...


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But far to lazy to search or carry it out. :whistle:

Has anyone ever wrote out a dog trick flow chart.
By this I mean a natural progression of tricks that you build from the basic existing ones the dog already know.

i.e. you have the basics -- sit, down, paw etc.
but then you have the reverse circle -- based on turn around, backup etc.

I think we get all excited about learning new big tricks and forget about the building blocks that are necessary before undertaking the more complex ones.

Does that makes sense ?


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I love this idea and I really really want to do it. It would just take me a long while trying to get a list then organize it into a flow chart type design. And because I am lazy:sleep:.
You and I are apparently NOT the border collies of this group :)


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I like the idea,:) too, but have never done this, either. I've never seen such a list, either, but, it seems a good idea!

I DO keep a written list of Buddy's known tricks + the verbal and/or hand signal for the cue.

i also keep a list of tricks i want to work on.

Usually, i just train each trick from scratch, but if we DO hit upon a step of the trick that Buddy already knows, it's not too hard to remember we already do know that part of the trick...


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I was reading over your list. What is frog legs? and secret sounds like such a cute trick!!!!!!!!!!
Frog legs is when teh dog is in a down and stretches out their back legs behind them. Some dogs naturally lay like this, but it can be taught to dogs who don't ever offer it. It can be a bit frustrating, but i've taught it starting with a large pillow under the dog so they get used to stretching over it, and shrink the pillow down to nothing.


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That's what I thought. My friends dog does that (one of Riley's puppies) but he would crawl at the same time. He looked like a zombie dog!! :p