I can't figure out why...

hello there, has anyone ever had this happen?. My one year old pom, Two-e is doing great, and then all of a sudden he is a nervous reck it seems. He won't have anything to do with me, he won't eat, play go outside, nothing. He acts all timmed, won't look at me, just acting weird. This is the third time that he has acted this way, and I think it is something that I did or didn't do. I try every thing to try and figure out what is eaten him. The first time it happened I took him to the dog park and after a while he snapped out of it. same the second time. But this time he won't stop acting stupid .Can any one help.
let me correct myself.
what I mean is, I took him to the dog park to cheer him up, and it worked. He was back to his happy-go-lucky-self. That was the first time.


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It must be something with the dog park, as I understood what you said.
Did anything bad happen to him there?
What do you mean by "against his wishes"?


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Gain Trust

I recommend you take your dog for a walk every to every other day if your schedule allows one thing a walk does is gain trust. When you take him on a walk make sure you are in front. He comes to you for the leash (get down low to encourage him to come to you.) Also you go out the door first. If he refuses to walk gently pull him a long. Small tugs forward eventually tell the brain that i must move forward to escape the tension. Face the direction you want to go and keep going to not give up otherwise he wins. He must know you are in charge. But do not get frustrated or mad this will scare him and show him you are unbalanced. Also dont feel bad then he will see that you are weak. Like Cesar Millan says stay calm and assertive. Make sure on your walk he stays next to you or behind you this shows you lead and he follows. Stay confident and relaxed. Another way to gain trust is to practice the hear command. Get about a 20 foot leash and call "here" put tension on the leash so the only way he can go is to you.Get down low once again because it is a more submissive position. When he gets to you give him a treat and praise soon he should come running to you. After a few weeks remove the treat and just give praise because praise is a better reward then food. That should gain trust. If this doesnt work let me know and i can give you more advice if you would like. Hope this makes sense.