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I don't know what kind of dog or how old but three words exercise exercise exercise. An active dog needs safe age appropriate exercised to be happy and tired and calm and good. Mental exercise is also very important, it wears them out too and they are a lot less likely to go looking for a brawl at 10pm if they are satisfied and tired. The training is also a requirement if you want them to do what you ask.

You don't describe the problem at all but guesses I can throw out very generally. For more specific problems I need more info. And some of these may excite your dog so you have to be able to read and understand what's going on. It may get worse before it gets better if you've been encouraging this behavior even unconsciously for a while. The dog will try harder when what used to work stops working. It's called an extinction burst or a tenacious push to recreate that situation where you reacted like the dog wanted. Dogs only do something when there is some reward to it. If the reward is your attention even to scold then this behavior is being rewarded. It may also be self rewarding to act this way for the dog.

Ignore them and do not interact on that level just stand up and to not look at them, speak, or touch. When they calm down you can resume calm interaction. If they hype up again walk away calmly and slowly. If you jerk and push and dodge you seem more like a game than someone that is ignoring and it encourages a GAME WHEE!. If you need to step over a doggie gate or walk in a bathroom and close the door.

I still sometimes need to just stop interacting with my 15 mo Golden when she gets overly exuberant. I just stop doing anything. She's learned and I see her think and struggle with it but she will lie down and I'll resume petting her.

Watch how you play with this puppy to until there is a level of control established. If you rev them up one minute then arbitrarily decide that it's not acceptable at other times it's confusing. At some point you can call a start and stop to games but with a puppy you are forging a relationship that you must define. If you are quiet and calm and 80 years old you really wouldn't want a bunch of teenagers coming over and teaching your dog to bounce off the furniture at 100 mph. :dogtongue2:So not that you can't have fun but get some basic obedience taught and work toward installing an on/off switch eventually.

This is an example and tug may not be appropriate for your dog as it may excite but you'll get the idea. http://www.clickertraining.com/node/1355

Catch this dog doing things right and being calm and laying around chewing toys and reward that. You get the behavior you attend to and reward.

applicable free positive videos just scroll down http://abrionline.org/videos.php
Thanks snooks. Now that I think about it, my pup does think that when I turn my back on him it's a game to get my attention. I'll definitely put your ideas in action!

Additional info:I think my pup gets hyperactive because he is left outside for about 5 hours then let in. Thanks to snook's info, I'm going to go on a walk with him as soon as I get home :)

Thanks a bunch! If you guys have anymore ideas, please post below


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Oh I bet he'll just love the walk. Remember to preserve a calm and in control walk. Don't let that energy of being a freak transfer to outside for you walk. Just get the leash and clip it on - if he freaks when he sees the leash just stand there still and calm looking at the floor and ask for a sit. When he does clip on the leash. If he freaks when you go to clip on just stop again and wait. Same with the door and the walk itself. They proceed when he is calm and he'll get that if you are consistent. You don't want the habit of having all that pent up energy dragging you down the street and feeding the frenzy. Just stop and wait and go on when he gives you some loose leash.

Reward for loose leash and if you have to don't speak or talk. Surely don't say "WANNA GO ON A WALK!!!!! YAY!!!! Just be calm and insist he be too.