Hyper, Distracted or just being stubborn?


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Ok, so Einstein is a genius...I already know that much. Now, here's the problem!!

Sometimes he won't do a command on cue. I know he has the commands down simply for the fact that when he is at his best, really into it, he does each one the 1st time I say it. After a while he just loses interest. Is it just his short attention span causing this to happen or do I have a semi-stubborn genius on my hands?

Jean Cote

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When does he ignore the command? Is it in new environments or when you don't have treats?


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Well, he doesn't do well with distractions or in new environments, but I expect that at this point. It is when we are in the middle of training at home, he will just lose interest after about 15-20 min into it. OOOH another thing he does that is soooo cute, yet frustrating is trying to guess what I'm going to ask him to do next. So, I get him in a sit, and before I can give a command he will either lay down, try a high 5, speak, or some other random command/trick he knows. This I assume is due to excitement, because once we get into it, he gives me his full attention.


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either the rewards are not enticing enough or the time during training is too long. always stop when the dog is wanting more or you run the risk of training being unpleasant and boring. if he's wandering off you are going too long. change to more shorter sessions. move at a faster pace and up your rate of reinforcement. you should notice a change in the level he engages with you.

be sure this is before meals and he's hungry and LOVES the treats. also maybe he's not a morning dog try different times of day.


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I agree with what snooks said that the training may be too long. Maybe 10-15 minutes a day is all you should be doing with him. My dog will get tired of trying to learn tricks rather quickly also. And ALWAYS end the session on a good note- if he hasn't learned the trick, have him perform a trick he does know and reward him for it, so the training sessions are always seen as rewarding. My dog also will anticipate what i want her to do. I tell her to sit and she'll roll over 5 times (it's her favorite trick.) I simply ignore and don't reward the unwanted behavior and reward her when she does what i ask her.