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    Really late to this party, all great advice above - I'll add yet one more thing about recalls. When you're practicing, esp with such a young puppy, call her to you when you know for sure she's gonna come (like, when she's already heading in your direction anyway). That way, you're setting her up for success, you know she's coming, and have that fabulous treat and party all ready for her - then send her on her way again. When recalls become nothing but a big game, they seem to be much more reliable in the long run (cuz games are fun, aren't they?). ;)
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    Excellent point Jackie, it really pays to always set up your dog for success, especially with puppies:)(y) And training should always be fun, coz who doesn't love a game(y):D Ra Kismet thinks all training is one big game, even though it doesn't always include his much beloved soccer ball:D
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    My god I’ve got a lot to reply to J
    Amateur – Luckily we did know about this (Lungworm - Angiostrongylus vasorum) which can be fatal to dogs and can have some, not very nice, effects on humans. We talked about it with the vet and she’s given us ‘Advocate’ which luckily is treatment for quite a lot of things including fleas and most types of worms.

    Anneke – thank you for advice about Flexi leash. That’s actually makes a lot of (common) sense!!! I will put it away until she is thoroughly trained!!!
    We’ve started that game as well, especially when it’s raining – we run inside and she follows us… generally (depends if she’s in the long grasses – that takes a little more coaxing)

    Evie – I’m not getting angry at her but I do notice myself getting frustrated (not with the recall but generally when she’s doing something wrong over and over again) but I stop what I’m doing and take a step back. Think ‘this isn’t getting us anywhere’ then play a game with her instead. This generally works as it distracts her.
    That’s cute that she’s made such a good friend in your brothers husky. A KANGAROO!!! WOW. I’d love to see a kangaroo let alone be within distance to chase one!! (well – for Trixie to chase one J )
    That’s what my mum keeps saying ‘She’s only a puppy, things will come together!’
    We’ve yet to find a high value treat – we started trying her with different things but then she got ill so had to keep it basic and now a bit worried that we’ll give her too much again. Although she does like yogurt.. and coffee/tea (I know this is bad but she literally mugs us for it and we make sure she only gets a little)

    Jackienmutts – We really need to keep this in mind as sometimes she does just look at us like we’re nuts. Although I find it funny when she’s walking directly towards us we say ‘come’ and then she veers off to one side to grab a toy. Kind of ruins the point J
    But we will keep working on this – For the rest of her life!!! :D
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    I get my worm tablets from the vets, that way I know the dogs and cats are covered for all the nasties.

    Even an older dog can have their moments when they just don't want to train. Ra Kismet had one the other day, all he wanted was to play soccer, so I just went ahead and let him. Next day, he trained and trained and I was the one who had to stop, he was on for more training!

    You're Mom's right, she's just a puppy, and it's a good idea to stop when you feel frustrated, happens to all of us, and just have a good play. Then go back to training. Actually BEFORE you start training it's better to have a play with her, get her excited and in the mood, then do some training. When you've finished training, or she's getting bored, give her a 'release' word. I use "Playtime" and LOL sometimes Ra Kismet rushes off to get his soccer ball and sometimes he looks at me as if to say "what? Training is finished already? Hey, I want MORE"

    If you cannot find a high value treat, use a toy which she loves. Yoghurt won't hurt, not too much, but a little at times as a 'high value' treat. LOL tea/coffee not the best but hey a little doesn't hurt, one of my GSs adored Champers, she'd discreetly lick it from a glass if given the chance and she lived to be almost 17 years old.

    LOL all puppies will go on a 'puppy run', even to this day, Ra Kismet will veer off grab his soccer ball, then come and that's when we're training!. Also, it could be when she's in the long grass she maybe having a wee pee and when you gotta go you've gotta go. If you notice she's sniffing as if she wants to pee or more, don't even attempt to call her, coz she's got 'business' on her mind:D
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    I still need to figure out Trixie in that sense. I haven't quite got the hang of when she's just desperate to play an when she really wants to do some hard work. Although i have experienced the "what? Training is finished already? Hey, I want MORE" was soo cute - she just looked up as if expecting more guidance on what to do, unfortunately i'd ran out of treats and needed to cut some more up and by the time i'd finished she was in full play mode. :)
    I don't think playing before hand is quite right for Trixie just yet. she just gets far too excited and starts 'nipping' when i give her the treats for good behaviour. which again just gets us all frustrated. but when she's older this should be perfect for 'routine' :)
    Oh we definitely don't give her to much - she just gets to lick the bottom of the pot once we're done, same with the tea/coffee really, very minimal amounts and i am keeping an eye to see if she has any effects afterwards (such as hyper or upset stomach) luckily doesn't seem to affect her at all but will keep an eye out all the same. and we don't do this every day either.
    lol love them trying to be subtle when their doing something 'wrong'. Trixie likes the long curtains in our hallway she'll walk behind them (giving them a good dust as she does) and take it in her mouth, then when we catch her she drops it very slowly as if she wasn't doing anything soooooo cute you can't stay mad :)

    I hadn't thought about that but i think she is just defying us cos its 'Sooo Much Fun!!!' she looks at us waits to see if we're serious then slowly walks out while trying to bring the grass with her (sometimes she succeeds) lol
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    Happened to me too - ran out of treats - a real bummer and yes, then they figure "Oh well may as well go play". Best then with a youngster like Trixie to just let her play.I can get Ra Kismet back into training mode again, but he's a lot older than Trixie:D

    She may be a little to young and boisterous for the play before training routine. All puppies are more into play than training, well there are exceptions the 'miracle train like mad' puppies but they are a rare 'breed':D

    When you're unsure, just watch her reaction to being given a 'training command' like sit. Don't ask for a biggie at first, start with something simple like 'sit'. I still do this with Ra Kismet when we start training, it's now become his 'cue' that I mean business, not play (and I also have to add 'leave' as he'll come to training complete with his soccer ball:D). Trixie won't get that at first, she's just a baby, but it will give you an idea of just how she's feeling. If she sits quickly (by puppy standards that is) then she's more than likely wanting to train. But if she give you the 'run around' then she's still in party mode:D Just go with the flow, always remember training should be fun, not boot camp.:rolleyes::D

    You can make training 'play' as well by incorporating simple commands like 'sit' leave etc. into playing. Pups often respond more to 'informal' training than a strict session of pure training. And don't forget to click/treat, even when playing, when Trixie does obey you.

    She's a Border Collie and they are naturally hyper energy dogs, combined with being a puppy and LOL you cannot always expect, which I know you don't, a perfect training session.

    It takes some time to figure out just what your puppy is telling you. Watch her every move and reaction, you'll get there. You're already doing a grand job with Trixie:D(y)

    LOL oh puppies will often bring in half the garden, it's their new toy! Keep working with recall, some dogs, like Zeus and his late sister Tiger Lily 'get it' immediately. I didn't really have to work at recall at all. Got spoiled on that because Ra Kismet was a real little tinker he'd look all around to see if there was anything more interesting happening over there before may be, if I was very lucky, coming in or to me. It took forever to get him to realize that 'come' meant now - not next week - which was very frustrating at 3.a.m. in the morning having let him out to attend to nature's call and then to have to spend sometimes up to half an hour trying to get the little tinker to come inside and stop playing with his soccer ball! Even now he'll sometimes take a good look around, and he's standing right in front of me too, before deciding "Oh well I may as well go inside, nothing much happening out here"

    Always reward Trixie for coming to you, even if you haven't asked her to come. That will give her the idea that 'hey if I go to Mom she'll give me a treat, and I like treats"and let her have the bottom of the yoghurt jar to lick or something like that. Make it as special as you can.

    Above all, remember she's a puppy, then you'll go through adolescence, just when you thought she'd 'finally got it' and LOL feel as if you're back to square one. But the GOOD news is that they do eventually remember all you've been trying to train them and suddenly they're doing all you wanted them to do, way back when, without a single glitch!

    Slightly off topic. Have put Trixie's pics up plus video on Ra Kismet's FaceBook page:)
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    Think the above post, new member jerryyyNO pic, is a spammer! Link goes straight to a site advertising products in the U.K. Comment doesn't make much sense either!
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    Sorry for not replying sooner – only just got time at work. (hoping this is going to work as i wrote it in word and pasted so sorry if it doesn't make sense)

    Yes it was a real bummer, especially as I couldn’t really get her back out of play mode. But that’s definitely down to her age, can’t expect too much.

    I know, some of the videos out there astound me and make me feel like I’m going to slow with Trixie. But everyone learns (and teaches) at a different pace J

    I hadn’t thought of that. Although she generally doesn’t seem too eager and can give up quite quickly (and I’m only doing short sessions) but I’ll start to give it a go, probably with something I don’t use 20 times a day. Lol

    I really need to get a treat bag for this, but can’t find any decent ones (I usually end up spending 30 seconds trying to find one treat as I don’t want to give her 10 at once (unless jackpot of course)) it all gets a bit fiddly for me trying to play/hold the clicker/hold the treats/click at the right time/ treat quickly enough/praise. As I’m sure it does for everyone, but I still need to get into a routine and sort myself out J
    It sure does, and time s going by so quickly, can’t believe we’ve had her for over 4 weeks now :0. Thank you your’re sweet J

    We are going to be working on this for a while (as with any dog – I don’t think you can ever fully expect them to come) But at the moment I’m trying to explain to my dad that she’s still a puppy and unless he’s really exciting she won’t come to him. As he just stands there saying ‘trixie come’ in his really dull voice and then moans that she’s not doing as she’s told. Men. :rolleyes:

    Great that you had it soo easy with Zues and Tiger lily although I suppose being spoiled with them made Ra Kismet a bit of a shock. Haha I can completely relate to that!! Although she still doesn’t quite understand that it means now! Although been really easy at night times, she’s really good and just goes back in her crate, no fuss! :)

    We are trying to make it very special but we don’t always have coffee or yogurt Lol :D and as stated I need to find a treat bag that I can carry at all times. (any suggestions appreciated)

    Can’t wait to go through that stage J lol just hope it doesn’t last long
    I will have a look now. thank you J
    I did think that when I saw it, makes no sense at all lol do people have nothing better to do??
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    That's O.K. been busy myself:D I should copy/paste when making multiple replies, in a bit of a hurry now, have one VERY impatient boy wanting to train!:rolleyes::D

    Nope just go with the flow, if she wants to train, then do so if not play and make that an informal training session i.e. if she runs over with a toy/ball ask for sit and then click/treat or just praise and IMMEDIATELY throw the ball or play with the toy with her. She's only been with you four weeks, not long and she's doing REALLY WELL she's a baby and a lovely one at that:love:(y)

    Don't forget with the vids out there that they just show THE FINISHED results. They often do not show all the hours spent training, all the bloopers and whatever, that goes on BEFORE they make the vid. All dogs train at different paces, and all dogs will learn some tricks so quickly it's mind blowing and other tricks take what seems like forever. Ra Kismet is STILL working on cop cop (we started a while back) and I had to post a help thread as he kept forgetting he had a rear end which needed to move as well as the front! He just elongated his body until it wouldn't stretch any further:rolleyes: And I STILL cannot get him to hold anything other than balls in his mouth. Total refusal on that one gives me the head turn away and the 'mule' look. So don't worry, use the vids as guidance and work at Trixie's pace. As she develops you'll start to see what tricks suit HER and what tricks are going to be more of a challenge. With Rakins any SLOW trick he finds boring, so harder to train, fast paced tricks he'll pick up like lightening! LOL Zeus prefers to applaud from the side lines, never been into tricks except the basics like sit/stay etc.

    Most dogs will have the odd moment when they decide to ignore 'come', even the very best trained ones. Reminds me of a sheep dog trial I saw back home, when one of the top dogs had quite a few moments of 'selective hearing', had the crowd totally cracking up, but for the owner must have been awful. Sounds like you also need to keep working on your Dad. He really does need to put more excitement in his voice when calling Trixie, especially while she's so young. Recall can take a long time, it has with Rakins, so just keep on keeping on, try playing the 'recall game' with Trixie with your Brother and Mother, not really suited to your Dad though. She will 'get it' eventually and one day you'll be stunned that she's actually comes on the first call! Believe me it's a GRAND feeling!:D She won't quite know yet what it means, remember a young puppy has LOADS of new things to learn, she's doing really well and so are you:love::D(y)

    With a trick bag at present I'm just using an old organizer bag which a friend who owned a recycle shop gave to me. It's almost wrecked now, thanks to Rakins nose diving, but just holding together. If you can get your hands on an old bum bag, they're great, looking for one myself, or any old bag which is small and has a zip fastener. Just make sure it's fairly small, and without any fancy embellishments. And one you can get over your shoulder across your chest, not just hanging on the shoulder. You can also buy proper trick bags on e-bay. You could also use a tin with a lid, if Trixie is not like Rakins who can manage to get into tins:LOL: Actually NO trick bag is safe from Rakins!:rolleyes::eek:

    It can be hard trying to have a 'high value' treat always on hand. Don't worry too much, just have something which will not go off (which I did once PHEW) to hand. And as suggested above, just have a bag or even a tin to keep the treats in, anything which you feel comfortable using and which you can easily get too will do at present for a trick bag.

    Adolescents is wonderful, frustrating and you'll get quite a few laughs too. You need to keep your sense of humor to survive:D Some dogs are of course, much 'worse' than others, Rakins really turned it on during his adolescence and LOL I don't think he's totally through it yet. He's the Peter Pan of the Puppy Dog World.

    Some of the experts are saying now that with some breeds of dogs adolescence can last until they're five or six years old!:rolleyes::D I definitely have one of those dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work, you've an amazing little puppy and you're both doing so well:D(y)(y)

    LOL thanks, it was a pleasure to put Trixie's photos up on Rakins page. Doesn't take long, once you get the hang of FaceBook:D
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    It’s hard as I’m not at home all the time. But do try to train whenever I can and she’s getting the basics down. :) I'm working during play times and trying to get parent’s involved to (going to training class and forcing them to come so we can all do it the same way)
    Think I need a new clicker as well (the one I have, the button is the same level as the rest so can only click with fingers whereas the I Click looks like you could do it with feet or teeth or something so you can leave your hands free for playing :D)
    She is lovely. Keep having to stop to say hello to people which is strange as we’re usually the ones stopping others – one thing annoys me though is they keep asking what breed she is :( seems obvious to me lol
    That’s true I keep forgetting that they don’t show the bloopers and think Trixie should be learning it ‘as fast as they are’ lol but it seems the informal things she learns quicker than anything else (making her sit when she comes in from the wet garden to wipe her paws)
    Hehe I did see that thread and found it funny. Considering we do similar things sometimes e.g. keeping our feet on the bed while we reach for a TV controller because either we really don’t want to get up or because our feet just don’t seem to work :) (well I do anyway) but the treat thing seems like a good way to do it. Has it worked?
    As far as the holding (I’m really no expert – not even amateur lol) but could you try coating the thing you want him to hold in something, like peanut butter, then he may lick it and you could work up from that. It would get his interest in something other than a ball… wouldn’t it??
    That must have been awful for the owner – one of the reasons I’m not bothered about competing. But she is getting there very slowly. We took her to the forest and there was a fenced in area, when there was no dogs about we gave her a bit of freedom and just kept calling her back giving her a treat and sending her away again. I don’t necessarily totally trust her yet but think it was a good exercise for her and for us as it made us realise that she probably won’t stray far… until there’s another dog about maybe… but we’ll work on that too. Kept thinking how great it will be when she can romp around with the other dogs rather than being tied to me.
    Funny you’ve mentioned everything I’m sort of using at the moment. But I still find them all difficult… It must just be me being awkward lol. Haha he must really love his treats to be able to destroy or open every ‘trick bag’ you’ve used for him. (I wish Trixie was that enthusiastic.
    Difficult to keep the sense of humour sometimes although Trixie does bring it out of us :) often in fits of giggles which confuse her lol hehe just hope Trixie’s lasts a day.. at most lol. Love that. He’s never going to grow old :)
    Thank you. It’s so great being able to chat about things on here with people who have had similar issues. And are so friendly about it to
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    Trying to fit work and training into one day is hard. I'm fortunate in working from home so can make my own schedule(y) But you're doing really well she's still so young and LOL oh yes, they all learn the informal things faster than the formal ones (and the naughty things too ha ha). Just work on the simple ones at first, which are also the most important, like sit, stay (don't expect a long stay at present 30 seconds will be grand as that's a l-o-n-g time for a puppy), recall/come and down/drop. And remember, at any age, some tricks they'll learn like lightening and others will take longer. Ra Kismet has been doing 'say your prayers' for ages but it's only just the last week maybe two he's really giving me a long 'prayer' and holding it for ages (LOL he must have figured he needed them after some of his nose dives). I was always so jealous (nicely) of people with dogs who would do a good, long 'prayer' but we've got there - eventually.

    Good for you getting the parentals involved. That is so important to have everyone using the same commands/methods (I'm STILL training my partner harder to train than a dogO_o;)).

    No you're not clumsy or awkward a proper trick bag is the best, I've just ordered one on e-bay, as they do make life a LOT easier. If you do get one, make sure it's a Terry Ryan bag, they have the fastest and quickest snap shut of any of the bags and therefore are easier to use. Plus LAST a long time. Don't waste money on the el cheapo bags with drawstrings etc., they wear out FAST and are a real pain to use. Plus I did see on e-bay a 'mini' trick bag which I am also going to get. It too had a magnetic snap shut (not sure who makes it though) and is especially for keeping treats in around the house etc. were you don't want to be wearing the full on bag around your waist. You really do need both hands free to train and if ever Trixie develops the 'nose dive' you're definitely going to need a magnetic snap shut trick bag!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she doesn't though, as it's funny but a real pain too - literally like today when he attempted a nose dive and as I pushed him down scratched down my bare leg ouch!

    LOL I do that, keep my feet up while reaching for the remote, sometimes though because I have a cat or Ra Kismet sitting on my lap:LOL:.

    Thank you for the suggestion with hold, and don't think because you're learning you don't have good suggestions. But 'fraid I've tried that too and LOL all the little tinker does is lick all the peanut butter off whatever I've used and then gives me the 'well now what look" and head turn away. I'll keep working on it and ONE day we may just 'get it'.

    Don't worry about laughing when training, I laugh all the time, training should be fun for both you and the dog. I also crack up totally when Ra Kismet jumps or climbs onto the dining room table, never when we're eating or there's food on it, but other times just because he can! He looks so chuffed with himself and of course, he's NOT supposed to be there but hey I laugh so much while saying 'off' to him. He does get off immediately, with tail wagging and looking very pleased with himself. Laughter doesn't equal a bad training session or a dog who will not do what you ask.

    How frustrating to be asked what her breed is when yes, I agree, it should be obvious to anyone! Some people just don't know dog breeds, even easily recognized ones like BCs. Grit your teeth, smile sweetly and say a beautiful BC and she has the beauty spots to prove it!

    That's grand the way you worked with her in the forest. Exactly the right thing to do to teach her recall/come as you didn't just call her and put her leash on, so later when she's mixing with other dogs in a dog park, she'll check in with you as she won't be thinking "hey if I go to them they're immediately going to become the fun police and put me on my leash'. Great work(n):D

    It may be a while though before you can totally trust her with recall, so do not take any chances as yet, only allow her off the leash in controlled areas (as you did in the forest). It took forever with Ra Kismet before I trusted him and even now I prefer not to allow him off the leash unless the area is well fenced, or at night on the beach with a long path down from the parking area. Never on the streets, there can always be that one moment, that one car, with tragic results. Sadly I've heard that story too often. As a very well known and respected dog trainer said 'dogs never really learn car sense until it's too late'. Even though Ra Kismet and Zeus both know curb drill, I would never allow them to walk on the streets without being leashed.

    This forum is grand isn't it, I too love being able to chat and ask for help and everyone is so friendly. Unlike I have to say, some forums I've been on.
  13. Amateur Experienced Member

    It isnt surprising that he is picking up on the informal things quickly as we tend to do them a lot with out really realising just how many times.
    I think its the colouring that are confusing people about the breed. People stop us about Hank all the time as I guess an aussie coat on a retriever looks confusing.
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    Very true Amateur, we just don't think or realize how often we do the informal things, very good point.

    Yes Trixie doesn't have the approved BC markings, could well confuse people. LOL try walking a mixture like Ra Kismet, great game playing 'guess what breed he maybe":LOL:

    At least every recognizes Zeus' breed, no hesitation there Blue Heeler!:LOL:
  15. collie23 Well-Known Member

    You’re really lucky being able to work from home. I wish I could :) it’s strange how much you actually train during the day, especially the ‘no’ word. I’m generally using ‘ah-ah’, Trixie was chewing on a door frame this morning and a quiet ‘ah-ah’ and she stopped looked at me in her cute ‘I wasn’t doing anything – see I’m adorable – I wouldn’t do anything naughty’ way. She’s obviously learnt that one :)
    She’s got Sit (as long as she wants to) and stay is getting better until we go out of site, then she checks to see where we’ve gone :) so cute. That’s great that Ra Kismet is extending his time on Prayer (love the reasoning as well :) )
    I keep telling them that, but they just say write it down (so I wrote it down) and then that’s not good enough, so when I catch them I give a gentle reminder (and then they act like I had a go at them) it’s tiring work lol haha you got that right :)
    I like the look of the Terry Ryan bags, look like just what I want. Almost wasted money on el cheapo bag the other day, managed to talk mum out of it though. Just got to get into the habit of picking it up as well. I like the magnetic snap shut idea, doubt I could get past it let alone Trixie :) Luckily she hasn’t gone for any of the treat containers so far. I do what Kikopup does in some of her vids (having the clicker and a few treats in one hand and then taking one at a time with the other.) I think Trixie’s learnt that the clicker hides the treats though :rolleyes: Ouch that had to hurt!!!
    Aww bless, your legs must be really comfortable :)
    Bummer, back to the drawing board, sure we’ll come up with something… :) I’m sure one day he’ll come up to you holding something as if saying ‘here, I’m doing it! can I have that treat now??’
    I don’t worry just the look of worry on her face like she thinks we’re laughing at her. Haha just because he can :) sounds like his motto :) I think laughter means more bonding even if the dogs can’t join in, cos generally Trixie gets so many cuddles after because she’s just too cute :)
    I could understand if she wasn’t a popular breed or even if she looked like any other dog. But obviously there’s some completely clueless people out there.
    That’s what we thought; I really want her to enjoy coming back to us. Especially as we see a lot of dogs out on walks, and she really enjoys playing with them (until she’s pulled back by the flexi leash cos I can’t keep up or gets tangled lol) which btw, I’m only using the flexi leash with her harness as I don’t want her to learn to pull on her collar and it’s only in the forrest where I think she deserves to roam (I know some people can be finicky – not saying that’s you) I know what you mean unfortunately my brother… not so much (apparently let her off leash on a walk where it wasn’t enclosed and other dogs are present (she was good as gold but you never know – was very pissed off when I found out)
    I know what you mean Amateur, we have no idea how much a dog can pick up on in daily life and are shocked when they do something ‘we haven’t taught them’ lol
    I guess that’s true, but still frustrating lol :)
  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes I am:D

    I was thinking the other day just how much both dogs learn from every day things. Like 'back' Zeus does a brilliant back and it's just from me asking him to 'back' when he's standing right in front of the fridge or cupboard (he's always hopeful some food just may fall out into his mouth:D) and a heap of other 'commands' too.

    Didn't you know "Hey Mom the door frame just kinda, sorta jumped into my mouth I really wasn't chewing on it honest!" LOL I know that innocent look only too well! Ah ah is a good one, I use that, especially when Ra Kismet decides to impart exciting news to the cats, by jumping on top of them!

    She's doing well, she's got 'sit' and with stay, takes a while before they will actually stay when you move out of sight, so don't expect that for a while yet. Puppies learn from watching us, remember, so she's bound to want to know what you're up too. Just for now work on extending her stay, tiny baby steps, gradually increase the time and take a step back from her. Be gradual and don't make it too hard for her, otherwise she'll give up.

    *sigh* I hope you're right, that one day he will come up with something he's holding (other than a ball). Even when he went to the Pooch Park with Evie and she wanted to share her stick with him he refused to help carry the other end! And I thought he was a gentleman:p Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    She's probably thinking "OMD these humans are so weird, what have I done to make them laugh?" LOL oh yes, Ra Kismet does need some long prayers at times. Especially since he's got his new football! That's ALL he wants to do at present, play soccer:rolleyes: Taking me forever to get him to train, even working with Zeus doesn't motivate him and normally he comes flying over, doesn't want to miss out on treats, but not at present.:rolleyes:

    Dog's do laugh - with their tails:D That's their way of showing happiness, laughter etc. so if her tail's madly wagging, she's laughing with you. Cuddles are grand and really help with the bonding process. I often just cuddle my boys, though Zeus isn't into the 'bear' type cuddles, he prefers a more genteel head on my lap arm around him variety. Ra Kismet loves a full on cuddle, generally with me getting smothered:D:rolleyes:

    LOL yes my lap does seem to be the most comfortable spot to sit on with the two cats and Ra Kismet. Zeus has never been a lap dog, fortunately as he's heavier than Ra Kismet by around seven kilos.

    Yep some very clueless people around! I can feel for you when asked what breed is she!

    How about making them write it down? It may stick in their minds if they put it down in writing!

    When she's on her lead, a good way to keep her close, or fairly close she does need to sniff and have fun, it's her walk not an army parade, is to keep a treat in your hand. Keep your hand closed and hold the treat down and at first just ask for close heel for a pace or two then click/treat gradually extend that but don't do it for the entire walk. As I said she needs sniff etc. Also 'parking' is a good way to teach her to be quiet and sit nicely. Just stop, when there are NO distractions, and ignore her for a very short time (always remember she's a baby and with a very short attention span) then when she's still sitting quietly, just ask her to walk on. You'll find this very useful when you want to stop to talk to someone, or look in a shop window etc. She'll be quite happy to wait while you do so and not keep worrying to move on with the walk.

    Oh dear, I would be furious if anyone let Ra Kismet off in an unsafe area and Trixie is way to young. So glad she was good this time but she's too young to trust that far yet.

    The forest is a grand place to let her have a free run. And also to call her back to 'check in' with you and release her, great training for a good recall.

    You'll find the Terry Ryan trick bag really easy to use. Just keep it open when you're working but if she ever does develop the 'nose dive', you can so quickly shut it. Ra Kismet went head on first time and it snapped shut. His second attempt he was a little more crafty, too smart for his, or maybe that should be my, own good:rolleyes:. He took the 'stealth approach' didn't touch the bag and I was distracted at the time, smarty boy did get as far as getting his nose down but I was able to just touch the bag and snap it shut. Much to his surprise:oops:O_o. LOL I'm sure he's planning another move though, he doesn't give up that quickly. Seriously though, they really are the best trick bags, so glad you did manage to talk your Mom out of an el cheapo. You have a part for either High Value treats, or reinforcements of the normal treats. A zipped part for your keys etc. and an adjustable belt, plus a ring for a target stick. And they last for ages before eventually the hinges do give out.

    Hugs to Trixie, she's doing so well:love::D
  17. collie23 Well-Known Member

    I know it’s incredible how much they learn. Dogs are definitely smarter than people. Trixie almost learnt that to (dads built a sort of ‘half’ door for our dining room and Trixie knows to back up when someone’s stood the other side) :) just like Zeus.

    Haha that’s exactly what she was saying with her eyes. Just like butter wouldn’t melt :) Haha such an enthusiastic boy :D:rolleyes:

    I’m so proud of her – yesterday she learnt her first proper trick without too much luring. It was a brilliant moment. The trick was ‘Paw’ and it’s fascinating how quickly they just get it. All the other ‘tricks’ I’ve taught we’re still having to lure sometimes (even sit – if we have treats and clicker we have to lure but most other times she does it as soon as we ask – she’s weird lol) but with Paw she just suddenly got it!! Now she’s doing it for everything cos we were soo excited about it. And she had her first show when my brother came home, I just had to show him cos he’s been trying to teach her for a while lol :LOL:

    (sorry for long paragraph but had to share)

    Yeah I don’t really expect her to stay but I’m trying to save her from getting up it’s usually when I’m going to get something then coming straight back. Mainly to just see if she will :) but I will work on it this week (I have the week off work so can really teach her some things)

    Aww bless. And poor Evie just wanted to share. Maybe he didn’t want to be rude by taking it. (looks like the perfect scene for a dog story like Homeward bound or Lady and the Tramp :) )

    You’re probably right :) we are weirdo’s. He REALLY loves his ball then lol. I wonder how long till he gets bored with it and finds a free toy? ... NEVER!! :) lol

    Her tail wags a lot. I think we’ve made her really comfortable here :) quite funny when she’s not sure and it does one wag, then another, then pause then it goes for it and her behind can’t control itself :D Aww Zeus sounds like such a softy and Ra Kismet the enthusiastic softy :D

    Yeh I might get them to do that. Think I’ll see how the first puppy training class goes and see if they catch on.

    I am doing that but not as much as I should :( she’s a bit small and can’t really see or smell the treat unless it’s right underneath her nose, and at the moment she gets really distracted by passing cars and generally doesn’t take the treat if theres too much going on…. Need to find a decent place to do it :)
    I will definitely work on parking as well got a feeling she’ll be grand at this (she really likes yling down :) )

    Yes I was furious and trust me I will have my say at some point. Luckily here all week so can keep an eye on everyone :cautious:

    Yes she was really good at coming back (apart from one time but lets not get into that :) )

    Haha seems like the craftier you get, the craftier he gets and vice versa. Who’s going to win?? :D Sounds like just what I need might get a few actually as seems like we could all do with one sometimes.

    Hugs back to you, Ra Kismet, Zeus and the cats and very wet puppy kisses from Trixie.
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    I know, I'm always amazed at how fast dogs learn. And how much they teach us too! Sounds like back will be a very easy trick to teach Trixie, as she's already doing it, click/treat and back, voila! You've captured a trick!(y):D

    Oh the innocence of a puppy:D The cat's wouldn't agree, they think he's a real pain!:eek:

    That's just amazing she's learned Paw and now doesn't need a lure!!!!!!!! I'm JUMPING FOR JOY!:D:love:(y) Don't worry if she needs the lure for a while yet, Rakins still need a lure for some tricks, others he now just does with a verbal cue or a hand signal. She's doing so well and can well understand you just had to show off her new trick!:D:love:(y) Please VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna see Trixie's new trick!

    Oh dear, that's when she's most likely to NOT stay - she wants to know what you're doing! Just work a little bit with her on stay, it's a tough one when they're still so young. Zeus needs a refresher as he's taken to wandering after me instead of staying - maybe he's having a 'senior moment':LOL:

    Good point, the boy remembered his manners and didn't want to be rude. Yes, great idea, would make a grand story, thank you:D(y)

    It's hard when they're very small. With the cars, I would ask for sit, and click/treat. You may have to get right down to her (great exercise:LOL:) And just talk quietly to her, some dogs don't take any notice of cars, Rakins didn't, but some do, so you really need to get her to just 'accept them' rather than fussing about them. You're doing so well and so too is Trixie(y)(y):)

    Parking is a grand one and if she loves to lay down, won't be hard to teach her that.

    Go for it!!!!!!!! You really do need to say something about that incident!

    Sounds like Trixie has a good strong recall, which is excellent at her age!!!!!!!! (y)(y) Keep up the good work, recall is a really important one, and some dogs (no names mentioned but the initials are RK hint hint;)) take forever to learn recall!

    He's one very smart, sneaky dog!!:rolleyes: So far I think he just may have conceded defeat with the new bait bag. But I won't hold my breath, he could well be planning another attack!:sneaky::sneaky:

    Hugs to you and your Mom and big wet doggy kisses from Rakins and mews from the cats:love::D
  19. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Oh my god don’t I know it!! Got yet another story.. so settle down children J
    We’ve been going to puppy training class the last 2 weeks and they give us ‘homework’. Last week they set a challenge to be able to get the dog to lie down without using a lure, just the command. Well it’s been a pretty hectic week, as always, so we/I didn’t really get the chance to work with her. Yesterday we came home (just before the class) and dad was so excited. He got her set up and she did it!!! It only took 15 mins that day to teach it to her. we were shocked (mostly that it was dad that taught her) lol but she did it perfectly in the class as well! My Little Star :D

    She really is amazing. I don’t think I can do her justice yet as she’s catching on quicker than I can teach her! lol Finally getting into a routine of settling down each night to do something with her, but always worried of moving forward to quickly. We’ll get there though (her faster than me) J
    Video will definitely come soon – hopefully do it tonight if I get the chance.

    I know she’s not likely to just want to save her little legs J Plus don’t like disturbing her just cos I want to turn the kettle on. But I will work on this just like everything else J Aww bless him even dogs aren’t immune

    She’s getting better with the cars without too much work, just needs to be around them a little more to get used to them. We walked down quite a busy high street the other day and she wasn’t bothered at all J it was great. Just a matter of time and patience.

    Trust me she loves laying down!! She’s actually fairly lazy when it comes to standing – it’s a little weird for a Border Collie – She lays down when she’s drinking, she lays down when she’s eating, she lays down to give her paw, she lays down to say hello (well actually she rolls over to get her puppy belly scratched) so she should be great at this one!!

    It’s not actually brilliant when there are distractions or she’s tired, but what is funny is if you say ‘What’s this?’ she comes running!! I blame my dad a little because he asks her to come without giving her anything (he doesn’t seem to get the fact that she’s still a puppy sometimes) but when we say ‘What’s this?’ it’s always a bit of dropped food or a new toy or something – think that may be our new recall word J lol

    I’m sure he is planning another cunning surprise ATTACK!!! But I’m sure you (the bag) will be too quick for him and he’ll have to try again. Like Wile Coyote it’ll be an anvil next time
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Guessed you'd been busy and was just thinking about you and Trixie last night (my time) and here you are:D

    That's absolutely fantastic that Trixie learned her homework so well, she sure is a star:love::) And that you're managing to train your dad! Loved the story and I am sure there will be many more. Big HUGS to Trixie and a gold star for being such a fabulous pupil.:love:

    I know how you feel. It's hard just trying to keep up with them isn't it, they learn so quickly. You're both doing so well just keep on keeping on Trixie is obviously a very happy puppy.

    Looking forward to the video, can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ah she'll get it one day, even Ra Kismet, who tends to be my shadow is finally realizing he doesn't need to follow me every time I make a cup of tea. I'd say we're now at about 7/10 times he follows, so there's hope for Trixie:D And Ra Kismet is 2.5 years old. Zeus has returned back to just lying there while I go make a cuppa, guess he figures I'm safe.

    Great, just keep walking her, for short periods, around traffic, she'll 'get it', sounds like she's well on her way to not worrying about traffic etc.

    I was thinking about the laying down. I'm not an expert on herding, not the official way, but from what I've seen of BC's in sheep dog trials they do lay down a lot on command, or go into a crouch position. So maybe this is why Trixie lays down while drinking etc. Someone with more knowledge on this will probably know the right answer but whatever I wouldn't worry if she's happy that way:)

    She's young and working around distractions takes a while. Ra Kismet still slips up at times, like when my partner comes home no way will he keep working, gotta greet daddy. Or he's wandering around Ra Kismet doesn't like to keep working, he's got to stay 'informed' as to what's going on.

    When she's tired, I would just leave working with her, none of us work well when tired:) You'll probably only need to wait a short period before she recovers though;)

    LOL well whatever works to get her to recall, that sure is a new one, but hey if it works use it. It's the 'reward' which brings her so quickly, so maybe point that out to your dad - reward when calling her etc.;) Keep training your Dad, remember he's not a dog so LOL will not learn as quickly. One day he'll 'get it'. Takes more time and patience to train the human male than dogs that's for sure. Finally got mine to realize that when filming a video get all the fussing around done before we start working, not half way through. Result our video for the Halloween trick challenge was shot in one take YEAH!!!!! And I worked with both dogs in that one. Zeus didn't miss a cue but um one who shall remain nameless did, launched an attack on the trick bag.:eek:

    Yes Ra Kismet has made another move on the bait bag:eek::rolleyes: He's a little tinker and VERY persistent, never say die is my boy's motto. But the bag and I are, so far, winning(n)

    Keep up the good work with Trixie you're both doing really, really well and HUGS to my fav pin up puppy:love::D

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