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Discussion in 'Dog Breeds' started by alee, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. alee New Member

    This is a question for all Husky owners have you ever had problems with people who have thought your dog(s) was a wolf. I know this sounds weird, but where I live during hunting season when my dog is outside he has to wear a orange hunting vest cause people have mistaken him for a wolf. And to people around here anything is game.

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL. My dog is often mistakenly viewed as a wolf. I've also been told that my dog looks dangerous. :dogsmile:

    Although she is the nicest dog ever, she wouldn't even bite a burglar.
  3. nomads New Member

    I took our Husky to town one day and the looks I was getting were incredible. One guy stood with his back to the wall, assuming I was walking a wolf :msngiggle:
  4. szecsuani Experienced Member

    I heard that huskies are the closest brees to wolves... :)
    This is why I love them! :)
    (Even if I don't have one...)
  5. jazzycat New Member

    As a new husky owner I am looking forward to getting to know my dog and her breed. I have wanted a husky for years, and one just happened to come into the shelter where I was volunteering. I know a lot about them, but knowing and KNOWING are two completely different things, if you get my drift. I think I love this breed because they are so fiercely independent, and they are a pack breed, like wolves. They howl like wolves, and they resemble wolves. I can't wait to train her to pull me in some way, as she was bred to do. In the meantime, she is full of personality, and very, very smart, so I can't wait to get into obedience and possibly agility classes. :) I would love any conversation with other husky owners about their animals antics.

    So far, no one has mistaken her for a wolf, but we don't really have wolves down here, sooo...
  6. jazzycat New Member

    I have a question for experienced husky owners. As you know, I recently adopted a husky. My husky is exibiting a behavior, and because I haven't been around a lot of huskies, I'm not sure if it's normal or if it's something I need to correct. When she gets excited, like when she knows we're going for a walk, or if she WANTS to go for a walk and she's letting me know, or if we're just horsing around, she sort of nips at me. She doesn't actually nip, but she has her mouth open and puts in on me somehow. I don't want it to escalate into biting. Any suggestions? Thanks bunches!
  7. warlawoo New Member

    I have an Alaskan Malamute and many people and children say oh theres a wolf!! A lot of people avoid her and she's just soooo adorable!
  8. warlawoo New Member

    It is completely normal for your husky to do that. If you dont want her to do so then let her know. Tell her not to do it every time she tries, just say "ah" or "No!" but stern when it happens, then praise at the correct time and after a few days, weeks etc, she should start to show the signs that she understands! What also works that has worked for others is that if she does it let out a yelp or some sort of cry then she should back off. It works for the pack also! Keep doing it, and see what happens :):dogbiggrin:
  9. hollyhuney New Member

    Husky Nipping

    Hi Jazzy. I am new to this site, but have owned a few huskies. (Still have 2 at home :D) I can say that 3 out of 4 of the huskies I have owned nipped during play or when they wanted something. I call them "love nibbles" However, I think you should try to correct her when doing this because I have had some people come into my home and Luke (our biggest Love nibbler) has gone and nibbled someones hands and they were convinced Luke was trying to make a meal out of them.

    Huskies are not good guard dogs. All they want is love and to play, but because of their back ground (wolf) people are very frightened of them.

    I started using a simple word that makes Luke stop in his tracks and it has worked wonders! The word is "OUCH". Every time he nibbles on you, whether it hurts or not loudly say "OUCH" Don't move your hand away. If she continues, raise you voice a little louder OUCH! Keep doing this. Once she stops, pet her and tell her how good she is. Keep doing this over and over (Huskies need LOTS of repetition!!) and she will learn that when you say OUCH that means she has to stop! (This also works if she is jumping on someone at the door, etc.)

    It takes a little time (a couple weeks) but it works. I swear by it. Let me know how it goes :D

    Mommy of 2 Huskies :dogtongue2:

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