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Hey guys! I haven't been here in a while. I've been hard at work with Annie(my little cockapoo) and her door dashing issues and her poor recall outside. [topic about it here]
She is doing SO much better! She's gotten the hang of the boundary of carpet to tile flooring in front of the door and that she has to sit on the carpet for the door to open. She's also learned that moving at all means the door gets closed. We're still working on it with visitors, but progress is progress, right? She hasn't dashed in 3 weeks! I'm so thrilled! She's also gotten to the point outside where she doesn't need her leash on once again! Here are some little videos

^ Not having a leash smacking her when she's running has made her loads happier! I've also been motivating her to come back during fetch with treats. She's usually good about it, but just in case, every x number of throws, she'll get a treat.

I've finally been able to weed out the "treat" lure ("Annie, come here! ...Treat!") at least 75% of the time. She comes so fast! It's fantastic! It still needs work like where she starts wandering off after she gets the treat, but the thing I was focusing on is being within arm's length of me rather than the bolting off. When we'd try to catch her before, she'd get just out of reach when we'd call her and then she'd shoot off. I make she she comes all the way to me and touches my hand with her nose(woohoo for target training) before she gets the treat now. So our next project will be waiting until I tell her "okay" or something along those lines before she can run off and play again.

Just wanted to share my happiness that I can finally feel confident that my dog won't run off on me again.


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Good job, you both are doing very well!
My dogs automatically sit in front of mewhen I call them/am giving a treat.
This way they can't dash as soon as the treat is recived and also gives me the opportunity to "reset" them (when wondering of to far while offleash on the street).


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Yay, Annie! And good job for you, Vangorm! I really need to work on recall with my boy. It's a tough one when there are so many interesting things in the world to investigate!


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Thank you so much, guys!
I had Annie outside while I was cleaning cat boxes today and she wasn't listening QUITE as well, but she didn't leave the yard which is the important thing! And I did get her to come back after she ran around the house. We've also scheduled a meeting to see about getting a fence(at long last!) which will make things in the back yard safer. Also, my dad was painting the front door the other day and he had it open for -hours- and guess who didn't venture past the carpeting!? Annie! I'm so incredibly thrilled! Eek!