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  1. Cavalier New Member

    Where we going to have any training lessons on hunting? I would like to teach Tucker how to "upland bird hunt". I've started to teach him to "hunt up" his bone or other toys but where do I go from there?

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    I've never done any hunting training so I really can't help on on this one, but hopefully someone else on the forum might. Just keep an eye out for this thread and see if anyone responds to it.
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Well I know a bird dog trainer, but I personally know nothing on the subject. Just out of curiousity though, are wanting to train to just retrieve, or flush and retrieve, or what?
    I would think that you could incorporate clicker training into this quite easily. If you were teaching to flush I suppose you could encourage the dog to take interest in a decoy, and when he does, click and reward. As far as I know most if not all birds would take flight when the dog(or anything predatory) approaches... I would think that it would be best to teach the dog to creep slowly towards the birds, then I guess maybe bark or something to flush them....? And I'm sure you could find some kind of something to make the decoy smell of these birds, and then you could use this to create a trail. If the dog has been playing with the decoy then he would naturally take interest in the trail and try to locate the I wouldn't know what to tell you as far as teaching the dog to be soft-mouthed when retrieving. You've stumped me here. I'm not a hunting dog trainer. I would suggest seeking the help of a professional or buying some books/videos maybe. Just don't accept everything that the trainers on the videos tell you. Remember there are many different methods of training. The bird dog trainer I know also uses a whistle as a warning. If the dog does not return with the retrieved bird when told to, the whistle is like a warning. It means, "Pay attention. I already told you to come back, now I want you to return to me." I don't really know how he works with this in the beginning though....good luck! Also, everything I've just told you is just I said, I'm certainly no bird dog trainer. :dogblush:
  4. l_l_a New Member

    sorry I too have no experience in hunting. I think it's a specialized field so you would need to go to a gundog trainer. Perhaps you could google for trainers in your area who compete in field trials and go from there...?
  5. Cavalier New Member

    Well tx cowgirl is right, about the decoy and Tucker would only be a flush dog I doubt he could retrieve any thing more than a pheasant. I guess ill start hiding a decoy with pheasant sent then have him hunt it up.
    We when for a quick shoot today and Tucker proved himself not to be gun shy. Good thing if I want this to be a hobby for us.
    It's not that I'm a big hunter I just think it would be good training and some thing for the two of us to do. He is all about fetch and cavaliers were (originally) bread to be hunting dogs. I figure it will be a good way to burn off him excess energy and get dinner at the same time...... I hope I don't go hungry.
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Good luck with him! Glad things are going well. :dogsmile:
  7. bigboytex New Member

    On the bird hunting I have no idea how to teach that I have a few books but dont have time to read them. I agree with tx_cowgirl just go find a hunter and see if they can give you some pointers and I know that there are some books on that are supposed to be really god. Al I can really say is good luck and have fun.
  8. Cavalier New Member

    Tucker peed on his first post today......I'm so proud.:-)
  9. CollieMan Experienced Member

    lol Then you'll be delighted when he first craps in your shoe? :dogdry:
  10. leema New Member

    Wait until the dog finds peeing on stuff rewarding! :msniwonder:
  11. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol. Zeke decided to show his appreciation for his erm..."Christmas gift" at the vet's office by hiking on the corner of an aisle. I guess he figured he'd show 'em off while he still had them. xD Boys. Apparently Zeke needs to work on his manners.
  12. Cavalier New Member

    Well he is a small spaniel, so he cant pee that much.......I hope. I will say I would call him house broken tho. So no poop in the shoes.......yet.
    If he does it will probable be the wifes shoes, since I'm his favorite (I throw the toy more, hehehe).
  13. hockey390 New Member

    I also am training my dog to be a hunting dog. I have been doing a lot of work with a stuffed animal duck with a little scent on it that you can purchase at any outdoor store. I get my pup all excited over the stuffed animal and then give her a sit/stay command and throw the stuffed animal. After the stay is held to my desire I give a "get the BIRD," really emphasizing on the bird part. This will get the dog to start identifying that you want to be well aware of the scent of the birds, as well as teaching that the scent is the BIRD, and that's what you want.

    I've got a few friends with hunting dogs that do upland and waterfowl. There is one that is extremely good in the field. The owner tells it to find the BIRD, and it runs around out in front of everyone smelling for scent. If you can find a friend or anyone that has a good hunting dog, see if you can bring your dog along on a hunt. If you put a dog with a little idea of what is going on with a good, mature hunting dog, they will pick up on what is expected in the field.

    Like everyone has mentioned, picking up a good book/video or searching for field trainers around you will be best, but I just thought I would share how I'm going about my training thus far.
  14. luna may New Member

    Just out of curiosity, why do you want your dogs to hunt, a.k.a kill, other animals?
    The whole point in hunting seems wrong to me... I hate to think about killing as a sport... I mean, years ago it was to get food into the house, but today we have supermarkets, so why hunt? For fun? And anyways, what will you do with the body of whatever you hunt? And if the deer, for example, happens to be a mother, you may have sentenced her calf to death too, from hunger, or thirst, or lack of parental protection. I don't think life is something to waste, not if you can help it. Think of all our human wars- all the pointless killing- what would you think if someone you know died, just for someone else's fun?
    Sorry about being so melodramatic, but I can't help it... I have absolutley nothing against you or your dog, just against the "sport".
  15. missouri gal New Member

    Collie crack me up!!

    Luna's ok...everyone has their own thoughts and feelings on how things should be done---I think that Cavalier will probably eat what they hunt, as he said he hoped they didn't go hungry.....I think hunting something that you are not going to eat is wasteful--we have hunted several deer that we've butchered, put in the freezer and eaten later for some very scrumpous meals--even pheasants and those cute little squirrels!! ( And I've hand fed and raised and set free many baby squirrels, but I still think they make good supper!) It is survival of the fittest, Luna May....
    The people in far off countries have some very weird and barbarian eating habits that I find truly disgusting (and I know how to shoot a gun and kill what I aim at....and oh, my--"I'm a GIRL" and I've been shooting guns since I was about 7 years old when I started with my Grandpa's BB gun!!), but I don't hold the way they were brought up and the way they do things against them! Sorry, but if you eat what you kill, you'll get no bad mouthing from me!!
    Besides, do you know how many deer I have "accidentally" killed with my Explorer while driving down the highway...and thinking what a waste (not to mention how much I have to pay for repairs!!)--I can't eat that one, but the hungry coyotes can, or the red tailed hawks, or the turkey buzzards, or anything else out there with hunger in it's belly----you see what I mean....??? Everything has to eat...something.....Who are we to pick and choose who should eat what??
    Also, the entrals from what we kill we leave for the coyotes, etc to, we actually are taking food for our own mouths and also feeding another as well!

    Cavalier----Happy Hunting!!!!!
  16. luna may New Member

    I think that if you eat what you kill, that's not my type, but it's fine with me...
    What I hate is those guys who rip off the deer's head and put it on the wall, while leaving the bloody headless body to rott in some distant spot in the woods. Eurgh.
    Besides, I live in a city, so I'm not that poppular with the "for the coyotes" point of view :LOL:.
  17. hockey390 New Member

    Luna - I'd like to let you know that I eat everything I hunt. I use to deer hunt and have not in over 4 years, but I am considering going out next year to cut costs on food. Venison ground chuck tastes better to me then from cow, and it is a fraction of the cost if you hunt your own. As for hunting for sport or just to kill, everyone has their own opinions. I don't want to try and change how individuals think about hunting, because I wouldn't want someone to try and convince me what I do is right or wrong.

    Also.. The mounting of a deer head is a display of your hunt. You don't cut the head off and mount it, you take a picture of the deer prior to processing, and tell your butcher to keep the antlers. You then take the antlers to a taxidermy and they create a replica and mount the antlers from your actual deer.. No one just cuts off the head and leaves the rest behind.

    Hopefully this will at least enlighten your views on those that wish to use their dogs to hunt.
  18. CollieMan Experienced Member

    Eh? What'd I do? :)
  19. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Maybe not in your area, but around here a lot of idiots do. Dern rednecks and heartless poachers....

    I hunt hog and turkey, mainly. I use as much of the animal as possible. For instance, if I shoot a turkey I use as much of the meat as I can, and I give the feathers to a friend of mine who uses them when she makes dreamcatchers. With hog, I use as much meat as possible as well. (I bow hunt, by the way, not gun.) The senseless killing of animals ONLY for mounts I believe is inhumane and very cruel.
    Finding places to relocate some of these animals is near impossible. Around here, most of the state is overpopulated with hogs, coyotes, or deer, or something else. So relocating isn't really an option. You relocate the deer too close to the city and it's a danger to both them and drivers. Hogs can be extremely dangerous, and if they begin to crowd the nearby towns, then pets, people, and land are at stake. Farmers can lose their crop to a bunch of hogs. Corn farmers have their salary at stake. With no one to hunt the hogs, the lifestyle and career of the farmer is destroyed. Coyotes threaten livestock, and if they overrun small communities with a lot of stock, then again, people lose money. I think the coyote is a gorgeous animal, and I personally have never hunted them.
    Hunting methods are an issue to me....Missouri Gal, don't take offense to this, as from the conversations we have I'm pretty sure you disagree. ^^ I really admire the qualities of the Catahoula Leopard Dog that make it such a fine hog hunting dog. However, even though I too hunt hogs, I don't like the way that it is done with dogs. I don't hate the people or the dogs who do it, I'm just not a big fan of it. Coyote hunting methods vary...some people use one dog as a decoy to bring in the coyotes, then shoot the coyotes. Some people use dogs to track them down and kill them. Some people use dogs to track them down and hold them at bay until the hunter gets there. Honestly, I think the first method is the most humane, provided you KNOW you have a decoy dog fast and smart enough to not get killed by the coyotes. If your dog really has to try to book it to get away from the coyotes, then it's purposely putting your dog in danger, and you're an idiot. Sorry, that's how I feel. You should never train a decoy dog that you know can't run fast enough to get away if need be.
    In any case, a hunter should never shoot an animal just to slow it down. If you're going to shoot, you should make sure that it counts, so the animal does not suffer.
    I love the idea of blood trail dogs. These dogs follow a blood trail to help you find your kill. Even if you try your best to only shoot in the area that will allow the least amount of suffering, sometimes things just happen. The wind comes from out of nowhere and your arrow hits too far to the right to bring him down immediately. Or, the animal happens to stir a split second before your bullet/arrow hits. Or, the animal simply didn't go down. In this case, a blood trail dog can help you find your animal quickly, so that you can get to it before a scavenger or POACHER does, or you can take another shot if needed to end it's suffering. I like retrievers, also. The fact is, the world would be overpopulated with these animals if not for hunters. If coyotes were not hunted, then the livestock population would be extremely low. If deer were not hunted, farmers would lose a lot of money. If hogs were not hunted, farmers would lose even MORE money. If none of these animals were hunted, people would be in danger. There have been MANY MANY people who died because they hit an elk crossing a dark road in their tiny sports car. The elk was injured or killed, the people were killed or severely injured. Without hunting, this would happen much more often.

    I really see your point, and on some levels I agree Luna May. =)
  20. hockey390 New Member

    Wow, that's messed up..
    I've never even HEARD of something like that...

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