Hug (two Dogs)


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I found this video on youtube and thought it would be a fun trick to teach.
Any ideas on how you would go about doing it (my two dogs are both big enough to sit like the one on the left is). Would you train them to hug you first and then eachother or is there another way?

PS Jukes and Kwestie (my two) are both very good friends with eachother - no agression at all so I think this trick would be okay


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is cute, to see the dog language there, see how the 2 dogs do NOT look right into each other's eyes? (In dog world, staring is rude....yet another reason, those who are working with shy dogs or dogs who fear ppl, should ask ppl to NOT stare into dog's eyes..)


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I have not taught this trick, but if I were to start I would make sure each dog was comfortable offering the behavior (sitting, 2 paws on object) to a variety of different things, including something that moved (like an exercise ball).

Then maybe I'd shape the dogs to do the behavior to the other dog's back? Likely having to start with just one paw, and progressing to two. And only then teach them to face the other dog to do it. Focus on one dog at a time until they are both confident.

I think teaching a one paw hug, to the side of the other dog would be much easier than teaching the 2 paws at the front of another dog. It's just so much "pressure" for each dog to face each other like that. So I guess if it were my dogs I would teach the single arm side hug first before trying to teach the 2 paw face hug.