Howdy, From The Great State Of Montana!


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My 3 year old furry friend, Miss Panda Pooh, is 1/2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi + 1/2 Cardigan Welsh Corgi ... a "Pemigan" perhaps???. ;) She is brindle and white ... a very beautiful girl. With her extremely Cardigan looks, I am still in mourning that her tail was docked.

I adopted her when she was 12 months old ... just after she weaned a litter of Border Collie / Corgi-cross pups. Yikes!

During our time together, using the clicker method, we have accomplished some important basic obedience commands and a few standard tricks ... "sit, stay, wait, quiet, down, kennel up, roll over, high-5, spin" ... and we are working on "take a bow". I am attempting to "catch" her bow whenever she does her Corgi stretch and classic Corgi "pirate talk". We have also completed 2 beginning agility courses. We are ready for some super-cool tricks now ... so I am very happy to have found this site. WOOHOO!


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Hi and welcome to DTA. Your girl is adorable, and sounds so smart. I just love Corgis, they're so cute! :p Sounds like you've done so much work with her, and I know you'll find lots of suggestions for new tricks on here. Have fun!


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Are you sure she has a docked tail?
Thanks everyone, for your kind welcome! Yup, Panda's tail was docked. All of her brindle and white littermates got their tail docked. Her only red and white littermate still has his tail intact. Go figure.

Oh my, Sara, you have quite a amazingly diverse brood of dog friends. ;) Bless you!

I look forward to strolling through the many forums on this site to find some unique things to add to Panda's bag of tricks.
And I am looking for advice to curb the one and only trick that our son's newly rescued Border Collie knows. Chasing cars/trucks/tractors/4-wheelers! It's gotta stop! Poor pooch ... no one knows exactly what his past is, but he apparently spent a lot of time in the back of a pick-up truck lunging back and forth to bark, snap, and snarl at the passing vehicles.


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Welcome to the DTA. Panda is precious. I have found this site to be very supportive and helpful in training and all around dog questions. Enjoy your time here.