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I'm a Canadian (from Toronto), married to a German and currently living in Germany. Have two young "terriorists" here that are driving me nuts and keeping me busy - and I'm loving it!

Little Joe is a terrier/daschund mix who will be 2 end of Nov. He was found in a cave near Antalya, Turkey as a very young puppy along with his Mom and 6 littermates. He spent his first 6 months in a Turkish animal shelter supported by a German rescue group. In May last year we adopted him and flew him to Germany. He's a lovable fellow but with a few issues, namely he's a fear-biter/reactive and also has some separation anxiety. We're slowly dealing with it and trying to stick with positive reward based training. I need to teach him lots of tricks to help him focus on me, and this web site is gonna be great in helping me since I'm a clicker beginner. Obviously Joey wasn't well socialized and learned a "get them before they get you" attitude. His "fight or flight" instinct is a little messed up, since you can't run away very far when locked up in a shelter. But with me and Hubby he is a lovable guy and doesn't show any classical symptoms of aggression which is why I'm convinced it is fear based. I'm using Ali Brown's techniques in dealing with reactive dogs, and we're slowly making progress.

Bonnie is a 14 month old Jack Russell mix, but she's got 110% JR personality and temperament! She's another rescued dog that I got when she was only 3 weeks old. I bottle fed her and now she's a healthy and VERY energetic little monster who is right in the middle of the terrible teens. She is a stubborn, happy and very excitable pup which is completely normal for most Jack Russells. She also is showing no forms of aggression which is a big relief. If we survive puberty then I'm sure she'll end up being a great dog. :dogsmile:

I'm so happy to have found this web site. The step-by-step instructions are easy for a clicker beginner like me to follow, and I love the videos! And Jean is the greatest in helping me out with a computer problem I had. THANKS JEAN!

Vera & Bonnie & Little Joe

Jean Cote

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Hi Vera!

I'd like to officialy welcome you to the website!!! :welcome:

We are very happy to have you and your dogs onboard! We all love to train our dogs and this website was created so that we can share our enthusiasm, ideas and insights on our dog training. I'm sure you will pick up on clicker training real fast, once you get the concept, you'll do things with your dogs I can't even think of right now!!! :dogbiggrin:

Have fun!!