How to teach your dog to read


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Hello! Maybe you have been shocked when you read the title,but it is true. You can teach your dog to read. I was searching for books when suddenly I saw a book entitled "how to teach your dog to read". It was written by Bonnie Bergin Ed.D with Sharon Hogan. It really teaches your dog how to read words and signs. Heres how to begin.

First, you show your dog how to do the trick. Do this repeatedly but you should really start with lie down or down. You should start with that because when you start your dog with sit, he may become confused and do the command sit all the time. Again do this repeatedly unil your dog gets what you want.

Next, Show your dog the word or sign. If your dog does it immediately, click and give the treat. Be sure that you get down on your dog's level. Also, If your dog is a slow learner, repeat this several times until your dogs get it right. For your average dog, Your dog should be learning about 20 words to read. That is all. I will post again here until I finish the book. Thank you for reading this post. I hope you all could understand my grammar(hehe). Hope this will help in addition to your tricklist(hehe!). Good Morning/Afternoon/Night everybody!!!!:doglaugh::doglaugh::doglaugh::doglaugh:
Yes yoyopoodle was working on this a while back. I think it does work, but will require many training lessons, especially to get the dog to discriminate between the words.

P.S. My advise to anybody who is going to attempt this to watch your body language. You should always keep your body the same for each piece of paper you bring out. In the dog's perception, each command should be identical except the writing on the paper.
Oh MY GOD!!!!

I LOVE BOTH the dog n the trainer!!!!!

It is amazing!!!! I watched the clip about a dozen times!!!
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