How To Stop My Dog From Chewing My Carpet

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...and i don't think more exercise or more time practicing tricks will work. he only does it on days i refuse to wake up to take him out. :p SO is there any way i can stop him from doing it other than waking up earlier.


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sorry, i'd get up for the dog. That's just me. I take my responsibility towards my dog very seriously, since he has no opposing thumbs to open the door himself.
Wish someone had warned you ahead of time when you were first thinking of getting a dog, that many dogs do wake up early for their "Morning whizz" as we call it here.

This is not a character defect in your dog, that he WILL want someone to let him out every single morning. Every morning.
I sort of expected this when i took home a dog.

Perhaps, if your set up in your yard is okay, perhaps you could consider installing a doggie door? (not a good idea if your dog digs under fences or jumps over fences, or, if you have no fences at all, or have racoons he could scrap with, or if your dog would bark all night long, etc etc. this would only be good idea for certain types of yards, and not all dogs are good candidates for doggie doors)
some dogs don't always know to come back inside, might sit outside and freeze or over heat or whatever.....maybe is stupid idea, afterall.

We have a doggie door, but, we close ours at night time. Buddy might sit out there and kill bunnies or fight with raccoons all he has a curfew, ha ha!

If i had to go, and no one would let me into the bathroom, it might not take too long til i might get pretty nutty too, ha ha! Sorry, i am on your dog's side on this one.

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i wouldn't be on this forum if i didn't take my dog responsibility seriously. he does not want to go to the bathroom because i know his schedule. i apologize, i always confuse people with this... i often say "out" to describe outside my room! he will refuse to go outside the house, he just wants to go to the basement. he doesn't do this to my boyfriend's place and my bf actually sleeps in. i can't let my dog wander everywhere in my house, it's too big and dangerous for a young dog. what i need to know is if there is a way for him to learn to avoid the carpet. like a dog learns not to chew on things replacing what he shouldn't be chewing on with something he can... like that type of thing. he knows how to wake me up, but he will still touch the carpet once every 2 weeks.


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oh, sorry, my reply sounded sharp, i misunderstood entirely! I thought you wanted to sleep in, and your dog wanted you to get up to let him out to pee! but you did not want to get up to let him out to pee. SORRY!

Hmm, this is trickier than i thought then! So, your dog wants you to get up, to let him go wander the house during the night?
and if you do not let him out of your room to wander the house, he will then chew on your carpet, is that it??


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ONe thing, though, is any behavior, which you reward ------------like, if Dog "asks" you to get up to let him out, ----------and you DO,----------- is like a 100% chance, he will ask you again tomorrow night, too...:)

............if you are SURE he does not need to go out to pee, and you DO seem sure of that, then, you *might* want to consider ignoring his 'request'........yes, yes, he will probably whine and fuss some, but, after one or two nights of no reply from you/ no getting up to let him go out, well, he will give up..

Here's another idea---HOW TO MAKE YOUR DOG LOVE his crate:
(crates can't ever ever be used as punishment, though, if you want your dog to LOVE his crate..)

but, stand by, someone else might have better insight into other ideas. at any rate, it sounds like you DO HAVE A VERY SMART DOG!!!!

Also, have you tried a good long late-evening walk? *Might* help tire him out, burn off unspent energy he has built up, so he doesn't get so antsy at night.....??? My dog, if he has boring day, if he did not get enough chances to burn up his daily allotment of energy,
he WILL run laps inside the house......zooming around
and around
and's like my dog has $10 of energy to spend every day.
and if it is approaching bedtime,
and Buddy realizes he still has $3 of energy left to spend,
he WILL have to find some way to spend that $3 before he can lie down to sleep....

just a thought...BEST OF LUCK!! HOPE SOMEONE KNOWS JUST WHAT TO DO, is very interesting thing, though, isn't it??


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My dogs do have the entire house at their disposal, although they usually sleep in our bedroom.
And most nights they will sleep, but Jinx sometimes gets bored and goes downstairs to play with her Ole, Ole chicken(chicken that plays ole, ole, ole ole, we are the champions, we are the champions:rolleyes: when thrown on the floor)
And like Tigerlily says, if they aren't that tired they will wander around more. But they don't distroy anything.
I'm sorry, I can't help on that.


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ALSO, not sure how old your dog is, but, my dog often has "fear of the dark" issues, and often won't go outside without us next to him. I know, i know, i am laffin as i post this, as i keep thinking a young dog who fusses at night has to pee, and you say he doesn't, so i'm sure you are right, but, i keep worrying this young dog (he LOOKS like a puppy in the icon pic) needs an escort to go outside to pee.

but, i could be full of baloney.:ROFLMAO:

Yeah, my dog has free run of the house, too. We don't leave anything dangerous out for him to get at, and he safely wanders about on his own at night. IN the summer, when it is hot, he sleeps in the cooler downstairs, which suits me, as we have only screens in the windows, and Buddy has proven he strongly objects to any face in our window, haha.

And in the winter, our home is cooler, and the windows are closed of course, so Buddy sleeps upstairs beside us, where it is warmer.

Anneke might have hit on a great solution there...?
(but, i might have to hide the chicken that plays "ole ole" at night, rofl!!)