how to put photo in a post?


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I have some hilarious dog halloween photos i wanted to post, these are 'saved' in my pictures file in my own computer, and these picture do not have http:// type address (or whatever) or any url links....

Is only way to post them in link to upload them onto my own page? I haven't post pictures in a post for so long, if ever, lol, that i do not know how to do it...



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U can upload them somewhere free like Picasa or photobucket - doesn't have to be your site if you don't want to clutter it. then open them full size and right click and click properties. Copy the entire URL line by clicking on it somewhere; CTRL A to hilite all; CTRL C and then on an open post here click above the post the picture that looks like a postcard that says insert image, (you might have to click temporarily allow scripted windows if ur security is set high like mine). Then when the script window pops up clear the http: letters out if any are already in the window and then CTRL V to paste YOUR URL address into the window and click OK.

ur pic should show up here. That's easy for me. OOps the upload changed since I did it last so see my next post it's easy. should have tried it first but didn't realize the upgrades changed things.

This is the first time I met my Golden boy Shamba. Cute little dickens huh? I'll look forward to pics :doglaugh: