How Often Do You Train Your Dog?

How often do you train your dog?

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It is the same at my house, however, you sound like you do better than my guy! I find him harder to train than my dog!!:ROFLMAO:

Just the other day, (despite many times trying to help him keep alllllll the tricks sorted out)
i caught my guy mixing up "stay"
with "leave it".:rolleyes:

"Stay"-----my dog stays where you put him, but, he can eat whatever you give him, while he is in a stay. Buddy can not leave that spot, til released with a specific release cue.

"leave it"---------my dog is free to walk around, but can not eat the item you told him to leave alone.

so my guy put a bit of food in front of Buddy and told Buddy to "stay". :rolleyes: so buddy stayed there, and ate the bit of food, :D cuz "stay" does not mean Buddy can not eat. My guy was all baffled, "What's wrong!? Buddy knows that cue!!??"
til i tried once again to teach my guy what all the various cues mean.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

My guy also botches up the tons of hand cues, and gets those mixed up,
but the DOG gets the hand cue RIGHT!:D and then my guy thinks the dog is wrong!!:ROFLMAO:


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I train more than once per day, about a half hour each session. Plus walks, not always every day miss may be once a fortnight, for around an hour or more and he trains on walks too. Fun time is also 'informal' training, where he's not aware, I hope, I'm 'training' him:)

Rating him:-

9 on learning new tricks, he adores tricking, provided I get the message across correctly:D
8 on whether he decides to do the trick when asked. Sometimes he'll wear his "mule' look. That's when I change tactics, ask for a new trick then go back to the one he decided not to do, or if near the end of training, do one I KNOW he loves then dismiss and we go play soccer.

He's now combining tricks and would give him a 9 on walk on two legs/shake/roll over.

Learning shy and I messed up but with all the help he's getting the message. Have to 'undo' my mess up though, so won't rank *my* boy on that as I goofed, not his fault.

He really loves learning tricks, it's all those treats and besides the people at the pet shop just love him showing them his latest trick - more treats


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I train more than once a day. Only on dogscchool days we have less trick training. Thats only because we will be gone the evening.
Training sessies are between 10 - 15 minuten I think. (for one trick that is).

Rating her? sjee couldn't know. I really just like working with her because she will show to me what i do wrong. Next to that she's not scared of any thingh and likes to have her rewards.


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How about "completely irregular"? Lol.

~How often do you train your dog?
Holidays, I go for several short sessions a day.
Weekdays, in "university time", it can range from daily to once or twice a week.
I use a lot of life rewards so training sessions are not as consistent.
But usually, these days, I just limit myself to reinforce old tricks so he doesn't forget them. I'd rather have 5 good tricks than 20 halfway done tricks.
Considering I have from 6-8 to 12 hours a day at university, it gets hard.

~How long is an typical training session for your dog?
As long as he's interested. It is very irregular too... Sometimes we do a short series of 10 tricks because of lack of time or it's just not the right moment. If he's interested, we may do up to 20-30 minutes. Sometimes as few as two or three minutes.

~How would you rate your own dog's ability to "get a trick" or "understand" a trick, or "learn a trick"??? How hard is it for you to get your dog to learn a trick? (usually)
A new trick? I'd say... 6-7.
It actually depends on the trick. Some tricks, involving the use of paws and such, are very hard to make him understand. Slowly, I'm getting him used to paw and grab and chew things. But he gets "daily stuff" right away. Such as "I don't want you to get into bed yet", "Stop it", "Excuse me", etc. Whenever I need to control a new situation, he gets stuff right away.