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My husband and have three dogs; Bliss is a 6 yr. old smooth coat Border Collie who is black and white with prick ears. I should have named her velvet because now that she is mature her coat feels just like velvet. Last summer we did a demo at a rescue in Flagstaff and I fell in love with Izzy, a wee pup at the time who is a Jack Russell maybe Border Collie mix. She has turned out to be the most incredible puppy; calm when she needs to be, playful when appropriate and so-o smart. Jerry's dog is a Border Collie, Diva who has a sweet personality and learns quickly. Jerry & I both do canine freestyle; I'm a WCFO judge and teach in Arizona. I just found this site and love it - how fun to share ways to teach and ideas. I was actually looking for ways to teach a couple of subtle natural movements I want to put on cue for a routine so went on line to search and found this site. I want to teach barring the teeth and am looking for a positive, straight forward way to teach this; any suggestions? : ) Sandy


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WOW!!!!! WELCOME!!!!!:LOL: You must be sooo proud of your dogs!!!!! It sounds like you have really GREAT dogs!!!! It's sooo great that you decided to rescue Izzy!!!! OOooooooh, canine freestyle!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!:love: I would also LOVE to see some pictures of your wonderful dogs!!!!

(Sorry I don't have any suggestions for a teeth-baring trick, but I bet many other members do!!!(y))


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Welcome to the DTA!

I haven't taught baring of teeth either, but Oliver snaps, snarls and lunges, when I ask him if he's viscous! LOL I taught that with a ball oddly enough, but he'll only do it lying down.

I've taught Oliver alot of the typical CF movements and tricks, as they're great fun, and brain work, without him having to be around other dogs or people.


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*my* dog will eventually bare his teeth if i blow in his face long enough. If your dog does this, too, maybe you could 'capture' that and add a cue? (not sure)


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Do you mean something like this??

This is not my dog, she is owned by my dogs breeder. She is Jinx her aunt Sis.
One of my dogs does this when we come home, or when he is extremely happy.
I have no idea if I could put this on cue, because he only does this when he is exited. I don't think he would understand the click at this point, if he would even notice it:rolleyes: because he is too busy being happy, going back and forth between us and finding his sheep(favorite toy), being bouncy happy...


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YES, ANNEKE!! that is what Buddy does, when i turn to him and say, "Buddy, smile!!" i love love love that trick, it's MY favorite of all his tricks,
is his "smile". Was really easy to teach, too. or "capture", is really what i did.


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Bekah, that is not stupid, imo. My dog does occasionally yawn back to me, when i yawn at him. Other times, he will politely turn his head away, (also a calming signal)
so anyone wanting to 'capture' a head turn, could do it after yawning at their dog.

Another way to elicit a yawn in some dogs, is---------stand there and shriek like you won the lottery. (i've found, if i jump around at same time, my dog jumps around and just joins in on the excitement, but, if i stand still and shriek, my dog will occasionally yawn at me "calm down!") It's probably a good idea to warn your family first that you will be shrieking for no reason.:ROFLMAO:

Your dog might try to calm YOU down, by yawning at you.


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*my* dog also self-calms his own self, by yawning, whenever i get his leash out. No idea why Buddy has ALWAYS always done this, but, show Buddy his leash, and after a lil wave of obvious joy, my most dignified dog then yawns, to calm his own self down.:ROFLMAO: and resumes a more calm demeanor.

i never trained that yawn, he does it on his own, every time. So you could also watch to see if your dogs self-calm when shown a leash, but, i think that is probably just some quirk just my dog has...:rolleyes: