How much do i feed my puppy?


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I have a 11 weeks old German Shepherd puppy, we have been feeding him a cup because that's what the recommend in the back of his food bag, however he's always hungry!!! and he acts like he hasn't eaten before. How much should i feed him???? Thanks for your answers!:dogbiggrin:


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I would look at his weight rather than his attitude. If you feel his ribs and they seem too prominant, feed him a bit more. If he feels fatty, feed him a bit less. With puppies it's best to modify their feed to keep them a healthy life, and you'll need to do this throughout his life.

The dog food packet is designed to sell dog food so often, if you follow directions, will make your dog fat!! Quite simply.


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Another thing is ask your vet. Seeing how your dog is at the age of many vet visits, ask them how much they would recommend. They might look at the dogs temperament and body condition and have a higher or lower recommendation then the one on the bag. I have always gone by the bag personally, but if my dog were to start to look like she's getting heavy I would cut back. Also if I am doing a lot more exercise then normal I give a little extra.

Definitely don't go based on the dog looking like it needs to eat though. Compare it to a child and candy.. The more they have, the more they want.. The more they get, the more they will know they can get you to give them more..


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this is a link on how a dog should look and feel from emaciated to overweight have a look i think storm is about a 3.5 to a 4 damn skinny dog

also dont go on the whole dog thinks hes starved thing, luka would literaly explode if we let him eat as much as he wanted