How many toys does your dog have?

Jean Cote

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Here is a fun poll to stir up conversation at the Academy!!!! :dogsmile:

And ... What is your dog's favorite toy ???


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Max's favorite right now is one he got from Grandma. Maybe more of a treat though then a toy. My mother gave him a real bone yesterday. She said he needed one. She hopped in the car and drove to the butcher.

Max is one spoiled dog. Not only do I buy him toys but he also has my sister and mother out buying him toys.


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TOO MANY!! I always know when I've left the cupboard door open 'cause I have toys everywhere!

Favourites for Mac are all balls (especially his orange hockey ball) and his Cuz toy. Favourites for both are toilet rolls (these get eaten). They also quite like stuffy toys with squeakys (like "rabbit" :D ).


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We have 5 that have proven to be indestructible: busy buddy, tug-a-jug, x-large power chewer kong, large regular kong, treat ball (notice a pattern of treat toys???)
Then....we have an array of "parts" left over from various stuffed and squeaky toys!!!! We even tried the firehose toys that are supposed to be indestructible, but....well lets just say they lasted longer than the 1 hour that regular stuffed toys last, LOL.


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Mine have far too many toys! Dont know if they will ever use them all up!

Storm's favourites are small soft toys (like the ones got from a large fast food company's kiddies meals) and a little latex squeaky frog that I call 'Magic'. She was given 'Magic' by the trainer at her puppy socialising nearly 4 years ago, and it is still in immaculate condition!

Breeze (like Leema's Mac) loves cuz (she has large bad cuz...tee-hee), tennis balls (especially the squeaky ones), and a small tug rope I made her.

Jack likes anything he can chew and destroy especially plastic scourers, and if he can get his paws on them he loves Breeze's toys. He also likes his metal teaspoon!


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Daisy loves to play with all her toys but her favorite is a pink nubby ball that squeaks. Blue has never got the concept of playing with toys...she would rather play directly with my husband or me or Daisy. Anytime throw a ball or frisbee, she might run after it, mostly cause Daisy does, but when she gets to it she just looks at you and seems to ask "Now what?!" Then she comes trotting back with her little nub tail wagging...without the ball or frisbee!


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Guus has about 12 toys but the number of toys depends on how fast he can chew them up and how often we buy new ones. He looooves squeekie toys, we're not so fond of them though :dognowink: He also has tug ropes, balls, teddy bears and floss'.


I voted "too many to count", although I think there are about 25. They range from stuffed teddies, bunnies, balls and bones to squeaky toys to my daughters old volleyball kneepads that Emma "adopted". I try to keep them rotated. Her favorite ones are her loofah dog and a covered foam neckroll that she claimed after I no longer needed it. (I had to use it after a neck injury). I think she likes these best because when she gets a hold of them on either end or in the middle, the extra weight and length causes a pull and it's almost like playing "tug" by herself.:dogtongue2:


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we've got about 10-20 (probably more if you count the half ones) i rotate toys every two weeks they have two each (and the sticks or whatever they bring home)

kodas fav toy is storm usually or whatever storm has, he makes toys more interesting, but storms fav toy is his rugby ball, they take ages to kill there a good ball if anyone wants to know, once he pops them he has great fun chewing them for hours (and i mean hours), hes finally manage to rip one opf his rugby balls and him and koda have fun ripping bits of rubber off,
thens theres squeaky toys storm loves to get the squeaky out and play with it, if its a rubber squeaky, you'll hear him in the middle of the night go out and squeak it so he knows it still there


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We usually have 10-20 laying around the house at one time, although there are always toys that are under beds, couches, tables, etc. that are not accounted for, but come up when the house it cleaned of furniture is moved. Emma's favorite right now is a plain short fuzz tennis ball. Not the good kind that has a little fuzz, but the kind that are nearly bare. She just pulls the fuzz off of them if she can get a hold of it, and with this one she seems to have met her match =)


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I'd have to say too many!!! Foxy thinks everything is a toy. She'll pick up socks and play with them, and the cat toys she claims as hers too! Her favorite games / toys are tug and fetch.


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I have two dogs Cheddar and Canon and they have lots of toys. Their favorite toy is the toy the other dog has at the moment! What ever is new to the toy basket, they like to get it.