How Do You Get Motivated?


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This question is for people who's job is working with dogs. I work at a dog resort. I have been a dog groomer for 12 years. I've shown dogs for 9 years. I find that by the time I'm done working with client dogs all day, grooming my show dogs, jumping in anywhere I can to help at work, the last thing I want to do is work with my dogs. I got a bc puppy about 4 months ago, he's 9 months old. He is SO happy to work with me but I've barely taught him anything. I just have no motivation.

One issue is I worked for 2 years to get my chinese crested to get ready for open obedience. My instructor had just given me permission to start entering him when I found out he was going blind, at 7 years old. That completely devastated me and I ended up quitting the obedience class with my 2 year old crested because I was so demotivated by it.

How do I find the desire to train again?

Jean Cote

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I think that you need to think about the positive results of training with your dogs. Think about the connection you share with them and how alive they feel when you are with them. Now the hard part ... train your dog for TWO minutes a day only! Surely you can train for this amount of time without getting bored or exhausting energy right? ;)

...And by 'train' I mean do anything you want and whatever feels the day. :)


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Hi Kristina,

it must be really hard to be with dogs all day and then try and train your own in your free time. It's like being a photographer - I have hardly any pictures of my own family.

Maybe if you visualise the future of you and your dog - the bond that you will have by spending that bit of extra time, the fun you will have had when the puppy turns into an adult dog.

I agree with Jean - just a couple of minutes a day - maybe get your priorities in order and train your own dog first thing in the morning (tell yourself that your needs come before other peoples needs)? You will still be fresh and not too tired ???


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I get motivated by watching you tube videos of amazing dogs!

Here are a few amazing channels to check out!

To me working with and training my dog is nothing like training the average pet that comes in for boarding/ daycare/ grooming. I much prefer training my own dog. There is nothing like coming home to a well behaved intelligent trick dog ready to learn! Try incorporating training into your feeding routine or play time. Ask for a couple behaviors before your dog gets their meal or work on a trick for a minute giving them kibble as a reward and then they get the rest of their food. I also like to incorporate River's training into every day life. For example: When it is time to take out the trash I take out a big bag and resorve a small grocery size bag for River to carry. When it is time to do the laundry I have him pick up a few socks and put them in the correct laundry basket. It is really nice having a helper with every day chores.

Here is a blog of a trainer I worked with during an internship who adopted a blind/ deaf dog named Treasure, who is doing nose work with her now. I found it fascinating to see how she was training her and reading about how successful she was. Treasure was even invited to do a demo for Penn Vet students during a quality of life seminar. It must feel like a great disappointment having an obedience dog go blind. Perhaps it is just an additional challenge for you and your dog that will really help you grow as a trainer. Maybe take a break from obedience and concentrate on tricks or a different activity.


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I also like to incorporate training and tricks in our daily walks. Loose leash walking, sits, downs, stays, go around a pole, paws up on something, pressing cross walk buttons, jump on or go under a bench, retrieve or whatever else seems to fit the environment. Other great training opportunities are field trips to pet stores, parks or other stores, places that allow dogs. I enjoy having my dog do obedience, and tricks such as retrieve items and put them in the basket or pay at the counter. When ever I have a kid wave at my dog I have my dog wave back. If kids are too nervous to come up and pet my dog I ask if they would like to see tricks!


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There is another amazing Border Collie on you tube. The video is now set as private so I asked the owner what happened to it and she said that she will be posing a new one soon with better quality and more tricks. I will post it as soon as it becomes available!


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It's always better workign with your own dogs! I actually make myself train with my dogs dinner everyday or at least several times a week. It's time I set aside for 2-10min with each dog. I also make monthly goals that I post and then write up how I failed or the progress I made. It helps to hold me accountable.