How do you control your dog.


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Trick are one thing. Stand on hind legs, jump through a hoop, bow and say thank you. Easy to do and you're dog is right there.

But how do you control your dog? Do you control your dog from a distance. My dogs have to work in addition to showing off with a few tricks so control is very important. Abby a 7yr old Rough Collie doesn't do tricks however she has a sold recall and down command that can be given to her a distances of up to a couple of hundred yards. That's her limit of distance and that's all she does, nothing else. Yet when she's out there and I want her down for safety or to return a short whistle does both.

Jin a 7 mo old border collie on the other hand works at a distance. Various commands, go to (place or direction or object), Go away, circle left or right, come and the all important li down, or crash dive, among others. All done at distances of several hundred yards. I control him with either a normal volume voice, i.e. talking: Jin come, not raised: JIN COME and a sheepdog whistle

A device so cunningly designed as not to be playable without a lot of effort and whistles of all kinds seem to be better than voice and the hand commands I also use. So how do you control your dog? How do you do it at a distance?