How can i teach my dog fetch

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by chinagrl, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. chinagrl New Member

    I have two 8 month old huskies
    When i throw the ball they go after it but then they just drop it and expect me to get it and throw it again.
    Any ideas on how i can get them to bring me the ball?

  2. shegen New Member

    When I trained my dog I started early mornings before she ate breakfast.
    I'd toss the ball, let her get it and then go to her and offer her a treat in exchange for the ball. After a bit she started bringing the ball back to exchange for the treat and I didn't have to go to her anymore. It took a good while but it's worth it in the end. My dog loves playing fetch and does it without the treat reward now.
    I think it'd be easier if you trained them seperately start out. That way one could observe and learn while watching the other dog actively learning. Once they realize they have to bring the ball back to you then both can play and race each other for the fetch item. It's great competitive exercise for them and fun to watch them play together.
  3. dat123 Experienced Member

    How often ( and how soon after ) do you go collect the ball when they leave it a distance away ?
  4. good_doggie New Member

    actualy,im still working on it.
  5. leema New Member

  6. laurie7 New Member

    This made me laugh! My mom is having the same problem with her dog. She will throw the woy when she is sitting on the sofa and Buddy will go get it and bring it about two feet from her and drop it and then get on the sofa beside her and watch her look at the toy. Finally she gets up and retrieves it, sits down and throws it again, at which time, Buddy does the same thing again. I think maybe he has a better sense of humor than she give him credit for, They are playing fetch but.... LOL. I will be curious as to how you solve this. My Emma plays fetch very well but she kindof just taught herself.
  7. snooks Experienced Member

    have a bunch of pea sized cubed meat or cheese bits, really good quickly eaten non crumbling treats. sit on the floor, put the toy in ur reach and click/treat for any touch of the toy accidently or on purpose. point to it and touch it. you are teaching targeting basically. as the dog learns what gets a click up the criteria when you can place it on the ground or hold it in ur hand and the dog touches or noses it.

    keep it short, if she loses attention pick it up and place it behind your back. do some other tricks whee have fun and praise and treats and put the toy back down. smear it with food to encourage touching with nose if you need to. click treat every touch for a while. don't say a word. then up the criteria and she needs to move it, then pick it up even if she drops right away. then pick up for longer. then put arms reach and she must move it toward you after picking it up before she drops it.

    work up time and distance and you've shaped the come behavior. if you aren’t familiar with clickers there are tons of great books. i would start with

    forgot to add use a toy that is interesting to the dog, a squeeky or plush that is not edible so won't compete for the treats. understand too some dogs don't like fetching but love other things like tug. use what the dog likes to get something similar you do want. thowing a favorite tuggy may elicit a fetch for more tugs.

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