housetraining a puppy


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Congratulations on your new puppy!

As in getting a new car you get that new car smell but I guess in this case you want to get rid of that new puppy smell as soon as possible. :msnwink:

I'm sure many here will know just what you need to know. :msngrin: I believe it involves you studying your dog's behavior when he pees or poos so you'll know the signs when he needs to relieve himself and you'll be working from there. Basically you'll be making it a routine for your new puppy to relieve itself outdoors.


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for potty training tips look in the Training Forum section, positive potty tips are in there, if the moderators can make it a sticky it could be easier to find. >>hint..hint..wink wink<<<

Jean Cote

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The best way is to do a search. :dogsmile: There are different tips in different threads so I can't really just 'stick' one up. :) Although I will take a look. Thanks!