Hot Summers


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Hi there
I live an calgary and we are having a hot flash right now. And my dog is a black and white miniature schnauzer, mostly black. I need some ways to keep her cool. But she is afriad of water!


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would she mined siting on a damp towel, what you do is soak a towel and stick it in your deep freeze till stiff and then get it put and place it where she goes to rest,
they do love sitting on it as its soo cool,

also my nans pug pugzi, hates water but she doesnt fight too badly when you try to wash her now, but in the summer months we bought a little kiddies pool for them and she hated going in it (4-5 times a day in our summer months), we would plonk her in and soak her, she hated it but she loved being cool and could breath
(her brachiel face, pug face she would get distressed and find it hard to breath)

so even though she hated it at first she knows to put up with it as she feels better in the long run, if you can stand feeling cruel when you see the look on your dogs face it is def the best way to get them cool fast, pugz can sulk for ages when you get her wet


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Doggy iceblocks!

You can really put anything in them, but at work we make them with:

About 1cm of cooked rice down the bottom mixed with canned dog food
Carrot, kibble, pigs trotter, pigs ear, or similar hard-yummies
Vegemite and fat broth/stock

We freeze them in margarine containers, ice cream containers or any other plastic pot, and then we pop them out for the dogs to suck and nibble on.


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I use a kiddy pool in my back yard for them. Here, at PetsMart they sell collars that you soak in water and then freeze and it goes around their neck, cools them off well. I like those. They also make cooling beds but I don't know how those work. I think there are cooling vets you can buy also. Maybe you can find more on those if you google search?
Also, be aware, if you are freezing stuff like ice or popsicles... if they were just running around and they are winded or breathing hard... you should not feed them ice water or ice b/c it can cause them to bloat and can even cause death. Think about how you feel after going for a run, you are breathing hard, your stomach is contracting and your too much cold water will make you cramp and feel sick, it does the same thing to dogs but they can't handle it and their stomach will bloat. Very harmful. Now don' let me scare you b/c they can have ice without harming them, just be aware that it should never be after heavy activity or agility, flyball, herding... or any sport. Just FYI.


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um.. no help here.. but (a) aaah Calgary! What a rodeo!


(b) ice blocks? Sounds great, but my guys already fight over plain yogurt and kibble filled and frozen kongs... if they didn't have to WORK for the those goodies (as in the case of doggy ice blocks), I think there would be blood shed in my yard!


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I second the kiddie pool idea. I have a Golden Retriever so it didn't take too much for her to start jumping right in. At first she was a bit timid, but once she got used to we have a hard time getting her out.