HOT DOGS--keeping dogs COOL in the summer


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OOH! Another hot weather tip for dogs, is get a "ShedMonster" comb,
It's sort of like a furminator, sort of,
but, a Shedmonster is only $15 at walmart. (the long hair version, shows a cat with a golden retriever on the box, but does not say "long hair version" for some reason?).

Oddly, the short hair version of ShedMonster, which IS labelled "short hair" version, which shows a black lab and a cat on the box, costs a bit more at $19.
(seems it'd be other way around). I hear these don't work great on short hair animals, though.

One can also buy a "SHEDMONSTER" online, too, like on

Really thins out a dog's fur, and removes all that undercoat which probably makes your dog stay TOO hot. I got an entire bagfull of undercoat off of my dog on first time i used it. Even running my hands through Buddy's fur, it feels entirely different now, so much lighter and way less fur now. He looks great, very shiney. Thinned out his fairly massive "skirt" very very much, too, so he doesn't look so funky there now with all fuzzy-looking, cottony-stuffing poking all out through his topcoat, that fuzzy stuff is gone now.:D YAY!!

I'd think this HAS TO help a dog be a bit cooler, if his undercoat is mostly gone, it must feel like having a sweater taken off,. especially for a dark-haired dog whose black fur absorbs and holds the heat.


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Veronica is NOT a fan of hot weather.

She definitely won't over-exert herself; because she refuses to walk when it gets really hot. Sits her tush down and does a remarkable impersonation of Ghandi demonstrating the Art of Peaceful Resistance.

When it gets really warm; there are only 2 options:
Lie in front of the AC or...



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//".....because she refuses to walk when it gets really hot."//

too funny!!:ROFLMAO::LOL:
My dog doesn't refuse to walk,
he poops out, pants his head off, and looks like he will keel over if it's much over 85 degrees, dragging himself along, walking super slow, just looks terrible.....It almost always over 85 where i live in the summertime.

and my area gets to over 100 many times each summer, and 90+ is common.
so that is a LOT of days my dog can't walk far....BUT, if he doesn't get his walks,:cautious: well, he goes bonkers/nutz.:confused:

so it's a lose-lose for my dog if it is hot outside:(
i found out, if i hose Buddy down, with cool water out of the garden hose, immediately before we leave on our walk, WA-LA! He can walk for miles and do just fine!:D
and then Buddy will not be King-Nutzo-Dog:sneaky: rest of day from not getting his walks!

it took a while to get him used to being gently hosed,:rolleyes: (from neck down only)
i put him on leash, and i step on leash, and only did short quickie hosings at first, and then---WALK! :D:D:D

Soon enough, he got very used to it, cuz he now thinks "hose = WALKS! YES!"

I wouldn't say buddy LOVES being hosed,:LOL: but, he is used to it, no big deal now. Now i can reeeeally soak him, and with his thick fur, that takes a while.... I have both hands free, one to hold hose, one to rub his fur around to get his SKIN wet.......
and i gently calmly praise him nonstop while he gets hosed. My dog will do most anything to get praise.:rolleyes:

He is usually almost completely dry by time we get back home. My dog never smells, even when wet, so i am lucky that way.


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Shivon is the same when it comes to walking in the summertime.:cautious::D She doesn't like to be hosed down:rolleyes: So I have to wet her with paper towels or a water bottle during walks, when least expected.:LOL: I want her to swim more this summer....


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// She doesn't like to be hosed down:rolleyes: //

neither did Buddy, not at first, but, i started out slow/brief, and he got to WALK for each hosing.
For Shivon's coat, though, maybe you can get her skin with paper towels...or a wet towel.

Buddy would not even know if i rubbed him with a wet towel, his skin would still be comletely dry...:ROFLMAO:


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Yeah, I do wet her with wet paper towels:D She doesn't like it, LOL:ROFLMAO:
In the summer, if I take her for a half an hour walk, she is pooped for an hour or two:rolleyes:


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So Buddy just accepted the hose after realizing it meant he got to go on a walk? I'm just wondering cause Missy is scared of water hose she cowers when I use it on her, but it's better than she use to because she use to bite it. I like giving her baths in our kiddie pool during the summer.


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I'm curious, when you're all talking about hot weather, just how hot is it? I imagine Evie and I will be spending a large part of the summer at the beach as she gets hots very easily and is addicted to water...


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It's same here, hi 80 degrees,
often in the 90s,
and over 100 is not uncommon. I see some dogs going by who run around just fine in the summer, but NOT MINE!!:ROFLMAO:
PLUS add in the humidity, it is stifling. Evie, how hot is Australia summer where you live??

Yes, SouthernGirl, Buddy hated the hose, ohhh, he'd run and hide if he saw me anywhere near the hose. GETTING HIM TO LIKE THE HOSE TOOK TIME. but, imo, it was time well spent.

I think the very first few times, which, like i said, i kept very very brief,
i held Buddy's leash, scootching down to hold his collar, and keep his attention,
and gave him treats and calm praise, -------while someone else hosed him just briefly.
then WALK!
TIP------------BE SURE YOU RUN OUT THE HOT WATER SITTING IN THE HOSE, WHICH WILL BE HOT FROM SITTING IN THE not hose the dog, til cool water is coming out of hose.

overtime, this was sort of a step by step thing, done in increments....
i was able to let my volunteer go,
and i just stand on his leash, I don't have to stand on his leash by now really..... but just to be sure,
and the treats are faded then, but i still PRAISE HIM CALMLY THE WHOLE TIME, "good boy....yes, good boy, we are going for a WALK....such a good good boy you are, we are going on a WALK.."
and i just hose him from neck down.
and WALK!!<---------immediately you leave on walk.

see?? from just a few seconds, with just a dab of water, with much help, treats, praise, etc,
and work up------------OVERTIME------ to having dog get thoroughly doused to be soaking soaking can be done!


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LOL, it's been so many years ago,
i now recall, i had to get my dog from his hiding place:rolleyes: ,
and lure him over to even be near the hose,
then closer to the hose,
and click/treat that. (being near the hose)
then, click/treat being near the hose when it is on, but hose is just lying on the ground. (he is dry)
and so on. I did not click during hosing, only praise and treats.

i'd forgotten til you asked, how much work it was back then,O_o to get Buddy anywhere NEAR the hose....


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//".....because she refuses to walk when it gets really hot."//

too funny!!:ROFLMAO::LOL:

Oh yes; TL; twice I had to call for a ride because Veronica decided we were DONE. A couple of times she has decided to take a "break" spraling out on someone's manicured lawn in the shade and a couple of times good samaritans have stopped to ask if she was alright. :LOL:

Have you guys who hose your dogs down ever gotten sprinklers or water toys for them to play with?

I don't actually hose Veronica down; she goes spastic when the hose comes out and thinks that "attack the hose monster" is the best game ever - so she succeeds in soaking herself; but she also likes playing with (Ok attacking :rolleyes:) the sprinker as well and has fun getting herself soaked.


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//" with the ice cube thing, I wonder if you could just stop cuing Buddy, then click/treat if/when he touches the sign on his own?"//

You know, George'dad, that is egggzactly what i HOPED would happen!!:ROFLMAO:
but, it never did!:(.not really......... NOw, if i stand by fridge---where i stood while training that------ and look at dog,---------- he sometimes will touch sign,

but if i sit by table, or stand across room, etc, nope, he never ever spontaneously asks for ice on his own.:(

but 90% of the time,
my dog seems to think ice does not even exist, unless he HEARS someone clinking ice, or SEEs some ice, or something.

.............til that moment, my dog seems to think, "ice does not exist unless i SEE IT or HEAR it...":ROFLMAO:


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//Oh yes; TL; twice I had to call for a ride because Veronica decided we were DONE.//

pointing icon ha ha.gif

rofl!! way too funny!! that whole post cracked me up!!

//Have you guys who hose your dogs down ever gotten sprinklers or water toys for them to play with?//

My dog hates sprinklers.:mad:
He isn't too keen on his kiddie wading pool, either.:(
He doesn't egggzactly "LOVE" being hosed down, but he tolerates it just fine now, cuz he thinks "hose = WALK" and my dog LOVES walks!!!.......hoses, not so much.


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Aren't dogs funny creatures?
Cooper LOVES water, but he hates sprinklers and the hose... He loves the kiddypool and swimming. Doesn't mind the rain. But as soon as I put the sprinklers on, he goes and hide:rolleyes:
Jinx will play catch with the water coming from the hose, but she also hates the sprinklers.


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//My dog hates sprinklers.
He isn't too keen on his kiddie wading pool, either.
He doesn't egggzactly "LOVE" being hosed down, but he tolerates it just fine now, cuz he thinks "hose = WALK" and my dog LOVES walks!!!.......hoses, not so much.//'re saying Buddy does not react this way when you bring the hose out?



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yeah, Buddy now loves swimming in the lake, but for some reason, his kiddie wading pool does not seem fun to him...

my dog used to hate the lake, too, but now he loves it.


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TOO FUNNY, JAZZY!!! :ROFLMAO: I *wish* Buddy did that when he saw a hose!!! rofl!! way too cute!!

Geez, you could EASILY wet Veronica down for walks!! I had to work and work to get Buddy near the hose when i first came up with idea....:rolleyes: