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  1. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    This Texas girl is out of state for work...ugh. Just one more week....:dogsad: And boy do I miss my pups!!! And horses of course. I'm not a city girl by any means but am in a fairly big city right now. Dad's taking care of my zoo(lol!) while I'm away. I'm sure Mud and the boys are going nuts. I don't know what to do with myself not being able to train and play every day! It's official; I'm addicted, lol. And the withdrawal symptoms are AWFUL! I need a puppy fix. Lol. Sooo...haven't been very active lately around here. Been really busy here. Get to go home Saturday, thank goodness!! I can't wait to get home to family, friends, special someone and my furry friends. Missing the comforts of home. And city life is noisy. :dogwacko: Visited a PetCo for the first time I think! Was VERY disappointed....their website claims that their training methods are based on Karen Pryor methods....BUT they sell A LOT of Cesar Milan stuff!!! The products are attractive, I'd say, but they have a copy of his signature on them. Ugh. And apparently there is a "DOG WHISPERER" food?? Didn't look at ingredients, really I was just disgusted with the enthusiastic endorsement of his stuff at contradictory to their training methods. BUT, was impressed with the foods that they carried---Halo, Wellness...MANY others. Petsmarts carry NO grain-free, higher end premiums. Just lower-higher end premiums, not grain-free. Was also appalled at how overcrowded their ferret cage was. Felt sorry for the frisky little guys. Also surprised to see that they carry saltwater fish. That's neat. Only one or two mom-and-pops at home that carry saltwater fish.

    All in all...not that impressed, a little disappointed with PetCo. Hmm. -sigh- This town is extremely dog-friendly though!! LOTS of dog lovers and avid fitness buffs with their dogs here. Lots of friendly people overall. A welcoming place, very hospitable. So that makes my stay much more enjoyable. Anywho....just thought I'd share the latest! Can't wait to be home. :dogunsure:

  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    isnt waiting for the countdown to home horrible, im sure your dogs are counting down the days to when you come home too,

    i get homesick when i go away for a long time, storm misses me quite abit sometimes going off his food (but he will eat venison), when i get dog lonely i go see pets stores or a rescue shelter and play with the animals there most of our shelters are happy to let you play with the dogs and do some training if your willing to spend time with the dogs while they wait for homes
  3. sarhaspups New Member

    Where were you at? I didn't know TX doesn't have Petco. It's much like Pets Mart. I bet you are glad to be home and the pups were probably very excited to see you.
    City life isn't for me either, LOL!
  4. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Actually there are many PetCos in Texas, just not in my city.

    Lol, which explains why we have Border Collies. ^^ We certainly fit our pups.

    Last time I talked to Dad he said Zekers hasn't been eating well for a while now. With his history of separation anxiety that doesn't surprise poor boy. :dogsad: Wish I was home for him. Mudflap is Dad's shadow. Rusty's not too thrilled with my absence either but loves any company and handles me being away very well. FOUR more days before I get to go home.... -sigh-
  5. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    YAY!!! Two more days, including today. Then my brother's wedding is shortly after I get back. Ugh...o-o; It's Saturday after I get home. THEN, I can finally shop for camcorders. ^^
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    That's so cute about Zekers! Ha ha! poor baby...Ey, tell the truth, do you 'talk' to your dogs on the phone when you are gone? What a cute post, thanks for sharing!! Oh, Tx, i'd have a hard time, too, if i were in your shoes, away from your pets and home and all.

    The other day, i was walking Buddy down the west coast of Michigan, on a long endless quiet beach, to try to help him get over his fear of water :dogblink:

    and some woman going by just about lavished Buddy with love and praise, she told me she is out of town and homesick for her dogs, so would i mind if she played with Buddy?

    Buddy of course, just beamed and loved the attention. Hey, Tx, that wasn't you on Lake Michigan beach the other day were you? Ha ha! Right around New Buffalo, MIchigan?

    Anyone who ever wants a neat place to visit, walk along west coast of MIchigan!! Is great sunsets on the water, neat little seaside towns, each one has it's own lil flavor...Only one or two of the towns are a little bigger and kinda ritzy with lotsa yachts, like St. Joseph Mi, some are real artsy and cool and different, like Saugatuck, Mi.....all kindsa small seaside towns....

    All the west coast towns of Mi are full of neat shoppes, seafood restaurants, and fine fine beaches...endless miles and miles of sandy beach that goes on FOREVER AND EVER....beaches that are not too crowded, sometimes, on weekdays, you got it to yourself!!!!.....Great big sand dunes here and there...

    Lake Michigan is just like the OCEAN, has waves, water to the horizon as far as you can the ocean....only no salt to sting any lil cuts you jelly fish to sting crabs nipping at your's not nearly as cold as the ocean can be....and it's shallow for a good ways out, usually. Does have an undertow, though, like the ocean does..... People surf in places on it, too.

    Okay, that's my geographical plug for Lake Michigan. We're in a depression out here, come vacation in Michigan,:msnohyes: since you aren't buying our cars and all!! ha ha!! (i live on border of MI)

    (Taking Buddy to beach did work, Lake Michigan is whole new body of water to Buddy, he jumped right in THE WATER after his toy! YAY!) NOw to see if he'll transfer that to OUR neighborhood lake...

    Anyway, i woulda bought a ticket to watch your dogs react :dogbiggrin:when you got that was a sight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Also, i like Pet Supplies Plus better for dog food. Way better kinda foods. All the top brands, Evo, Wolf, Blue, Candidae, etc etc.
  8. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    LOL, nope, wasn't me. Didn't travel that far. But I probably would've recognized him from your pictures and squealed, "BUDDY????" Lol.

    Yes they were quite happy to have me home. Can't say that I've ever called my pups on the telly....but the thought did occur to me to put a picture or a recording of my voice or something around Z all the time. ^^ Lol. If I'd had half a brain at the time I would've left an old t-shirt before I left. Just like a puppy, lol. :dogwub:
  9. kossack New Member

    Isn't that what Skype is for? ;)
  10. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Ah, i am gonna hafta google this!!

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