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    Name: Holly
    Titles: RN (Rally-O Novice)
    DOB: 27/9/2011
    We got her 2 days before christmas in 2011
    Breed: ½ Pug, ¼ Bichon, ¼ Fox Terrier
    Sex: Female (speyed)
    Size: 6.35kg (approx 14lbs), about 30cm at the shoulders (will get an official measurement soon for agility)
    Nicknames: Horrible, Sweetie, Toad, Holly-Dolly, Scruff, Miss Destruct-o, Monkey.
    Favourite food: FOOD (she hasn't met a food that she doesn't like)
    Favourite things to do: Eat, chew, train, run around off-leash, lie in the sun, be groomed, be annoying ;)

    Holly goes to agility (Tuesdays) and obedience (Saturdays) class every week.

    Bad Habits:
    Destroying her toys much much faster than she should (thankfully she mainly only destroys her own things).
    Jumping on my desk to get attention.
    Bouncing off the rubbish bin (we got a tall one so she can’t get into it so she makes it bounce off the wall when she’s frustrated).
    Stealing things (especially tea towels off the bench).
    Sometimes digging in the backyard (and flower pots)

    She could steal things less often and not be naughty when she wants attention, but it isn’t really a problem :whistle: :LOL: .
    She doesn’t like the car, but again, it is isn’t really a problem because all she does is lie down and sulk :sleep: .

    Holly is pretty good. She has excellent social skills with other dogs (she has a lot of friends – nearly every time we go to the park one of her friends is there) unless there is too many big dogs playing rough, then she is happy to stand next to me and watch them play (for her own safety). She’s good with strange people and children (not too friendly but definitely not stand-offish, I think her behaviour in this regard is close to ideal). Odd sights and sounds do not concern her (eg, someone was practicing the bagpipes at the park the other day and Holly didn’t even blink). I’ve never seen her growl or snap at anything or anyone. Overall she seems to have a pretty good even temperament.











    Tricks and stuff! (I think I remembered them all :X3: ):

    1. Sit (from stand/moving and down etc)
    2. Down (from sit and stand/moving)
    3. Stand (from sit and down)
    4. Stay (she is never called out of a stay)
    5. Wait (can be released from at a distance, eg., to get dinner, at agility)
    6. Come (most of the time)
    7. Loose leash walking
    8. Stop before crossing the road (standing – I don’t make her sit)
    9. Get it (food etc, also if I drop some food and tap next to it with my foot then Holly will clean it up for me)
    10. Let’s go (stop sniffing and continue walking)
    11. Go play (released at park to play with other dogs)
    12. Bed (get into crate)
    13. Out (get back out the dog door and go to the toilet – sometimes have to use this at night/when raining/when cold)
    14. Heelwork (including side step, normal left/right turn and backwards)
    15. Fancy “around” heelwork left about turn
    16. Back-up (walk backwards)
    17. Leave it
    18. Bring it here (unless she is being naughty)
    19. Off (object, furniture etc)
    20. Shake paw
    21. Other paw
    22. Wave
    23. High 5
    24. High 10
    25. Target disk with paw
    26. Target different disk with nose
    27. Target hand with nose
    28. Roll over
    29. Roll other way
    30. Spin (counter clockwise)
    31. Twirl (clockwise)
    32. Beg (sit pretty)
    33. Play dead (lie on side)
    34. Bow
    35. Get in a box
    36. Crawl (although this could be better)
    37. Jump over leg (“over” seems to be transferable to most objects)
    38. Paws up (put front paws on something)
    39. Bounce (straight up in air)
    40. Figure eights around my legs
    41. Leg weave (she is awesome at this, I barely have to adjust the way I walk to accommodate her)
    42. Cop-cop (forward and backwards)
    43. Say your prayers
    44. Jump through arms
    45. Fetch (mini-) tennis ball
    46. U-turn
    47. Walk between my legs (backwards and forwards)
    48. Elephant trick (used to teach left heelwork turn)
    49. Skateboard
    50. Roll herself in blanket
    51. Agility – tunnel
    52. Agility – normal jumps
    53. Agility – tire jump
    54. Agility – collapsed tunnel (she loves this)
    55. Agility – dogwalk (with 2on2off contacts)
    56. Agility – A-frame (with 2on2off contacts)
    57. Obedience – send away
    58. Obedience – front (formal present?)
    59. Obedience - close (sit at my left side – from anywhere, especially from “front”)
    60. Obedience - finish (walk from “front” to the right around behind me and sit in heel position (“close”)
    61. Fly ball (run up to fly ball machine, hit it with paw, grab ball and bring it to me)
    62. Play piano
    63. Shut the fridge door
    64. Shy (aka “cover your eyes”)
    65. Agility - long jump (forgot about this one before)
    66. Feet trick (two paws on each of my feet)
    67. Agility - teeter totter (4 feet on contact)
    68. Flick hoop up off ground and jump through it
    67. Tall
    68. Bubbles
    69. Weave poles (12)
    70. Put away toys

    Working on:
    Dig (need to transition to any surface – not just the towels I used to teach it - update: she's having trouble transitioning)
    Cross paw (had a little breakthrough last session – I was starting to think her arms are too short for this trick - update: having trouble removing the target)

    Planned next tricks (although I seem to hardly ever stick to my plan):
    Speak (she’s barking a lot at the moment anyway)
    Get in suitcase (maybe – if I can find a little one)
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  2. Gordykins Experienced Member

    Holly sounds like quite the talented little girl!!! What a wonderful Christmas gift.
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Holly is one very cute and very smart little lady!:love: She's a good Ambassador for small dogs, proves they are smart, can be trained and her trick list WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:(y)
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  4. 648117 Honored Member

    Thank you,
    she is a special little girl :love:
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  5. 648117 Honored Member

    Yeah, it's funny when I tell people I do all this stuff with my dog and then add that she is a Pug X, it's so funny they always say "crossed with what?" :D

    I think it will be awesome if she gets some agility and obedience titles, I don't know if there are too many little dogs that get both.
  6. MaryK Honored Member

    There are some small dogs but they're def in the minority! We only had two small dogs out of 60 + dogs all up who actually did agility and obedience, most stop at Level 1 obedience. Sure will be awesome! Way to go Holly!(y):D She'll look so cute too, can just see her flying around the course!:love:
  7. 648117 Honored Member

    Update: Holly learn't how to go over the teeter totter today!

    We started with it low, Holly didn't even blink when it hit the ground (our trainer pointed it out because Holly was so unconcerned by it and it was her first time). So after a few goes with it low we increased the height. I don't think it's full height yet but Holly was not afraid of the noise or the movement, she did really well (she has done a lot of work on wobble boards before and thought the goal was to make them "BANG" so I didn't think she would worry about the teeter totter at all).

    The trainer said that people don't usually bother to teach contacts for the dog on the teeter totter, some dogs just keep running and some crawl to the end (I thought it had to hit the ground before the dog got off, but the trainer said the judges never call people out on that if it's close-ish). I said I didn't want Holly to run off the end incase she hurt her back or legs, but I didn't need to worry because she naturally paused (standing) in the middle of the contact zone until it hit the ground (y) , even if I kept running. The trainer said Holly seemed to understand the teeter totter.

    I'm very happy with her, very glad she doesn't want to jump off the end too :D
  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Congratulations to Holly and yourself!!!!!!!!!:D(y) Holly really does seem to understand the teeter totter, my darling late Tiger Lily was just the same, whereas Zeus ran a mile rather than go on it. So happy for you! :D
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  9. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, I didn't know that Holly knows so many tricks!!!!!:eek: Impressive!!!!:D She's absolutely adorable, love the pics!!!! Congrats on the teeter, by the way!!!:)
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  10. 648117 Honored Member

    Thank you.
    She is a pretty smart little dog :X3:
    The problem that I'm having is I'm starting to forget to get her to practice some of her tricks so she hasn't done some for a while (eg, she hasn't been on her skateboard for over a month). I might have to get her to go through them all this weekend.
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  11. JazzyandVeronica Honored Member

    Holly is an absolute cutie!! You have certainly done allot with her in a short amount of time!!!
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  12. 648117 Honored Member

    Thank you.
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  13. Ripleygirl Experienced Member

    WOW! Holly is an amazing little dog! You have done an incredible job with her so far. Just imagine what you can do in the future! (y)
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  14. 648117 Honored Member

    Thank you :D

    I should update this some time
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  15. srdogtrainer Experienced Member

    Wow! She is a very smart pup! I love her trick list. Sounds like she is a really nice dog! I can see the pug now that you point it out but at first glance the terrier seems more obvious. Have you seen the trick challenge for 'limp', maybe you would want to try that one with her.
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