holiday safety


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i was thinking about what i need with a new puppy this year and got a list going of holiday pet safety items to consider. we celebrate xmas...i wish u safe holidays what ever traditions you observe.

i had a friend also that attached the tree to a piano wire from a hook in ceiling. she later used to hang plants since it was by a window. high test fishing line would also work. consider putting the tree on a table.

hubby's dog, b4 i met him hiked a leg on tree AND presents....early gift opening that year. funny only in retrospect. lol

i could not find a nubby xmas tree mat since it's a great idea i looked. a rug runner turned upside down might work. I found a smaller nubby mat with no shock and of course there is the electric scat mat but it doesn’t work with all dogs. dogs hate strong perfume so that might make the house smell nice but make the area unattractive. just don’t spray on furniture etc. a motion detector with alarm to alert u so u can correct/reward is a fairly cheap idea. they also make notion activated spray air. as long as it wouldn't really scare it could help. big dog would freak, puppy would try to kill it. :)

be really sure no animals get at that tree water. pine sap in the water is poisonous, they make closed water reservoir stands. use pet safe tree water additive. get a tree with less sharp needles like spruce etc. put on fresh water every day, suck it out with a turkey baster. if u can't find a covered one cut a large plastic garden pot up one side and make trunk hole in bottom, cover water reservoir secure if needed. hide with nice skirt or paint it decoratively.

i replaced ornament hooks with yarn tied in loops since puppy WILL eat hooks. I also use velvet ribbon (fabric) instead of the plastic regular ribbon that they generally sell. regular ribbon is as dangerous as dental floss. tinsel is toxic, use fabric ribbon instead. i use pinecones and wood ornaments

angel hair is spun glass-big no-no

tape down light wires

no spray snow-it's toxic esp to cats

flower arrangements can be toxic including common flowers like lilies. more extensive link above.

put the tree in place for a few days with no decor so pets can more safely get used to it.

i like the xpen idea around the tree, easily moved and could be decorated like a little elfin picket fence.

no rich left over’s---makes for puking at least and life threatening pancreatitis or blockage. unaccustomed to rich food can kill.

from the worry wart :D


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I posted this back before Halloween but it deserves a repost while you all have guests and food everywhere in the next few weeks. Be safe. :dogsmile: