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  1. boughtdaughter New Member

    Hi, my name is Pam and I have an 8 week old Labradoodle called Karla who is soaking up this training like a good 'un! We've been using very small amounts of cheese and very large amounts of praise this last week and she accepts both very gently. My husband saw her and thought she would only be gentle with me because I'm the one training, so he had a go and she took from between his fingers good as gold. Yesterday we started on the clicker lesson and already she is responding well to hearing it. I'm looking forward to the months ahead.

    Pam and Karla

  2. good_doggie New Member

    hi!welcome to the academy boughtdaughter!good luck on training Pam! Again,welcome to the DTA!
  3. szecsuani Experienced Member

    Welcome to the forum!!

    I have never seen a labradoodle, I don't think they have any in Hungary... :D
    It's really exciting when the dog figures out what the clicker is! :)
  4. groover New Member

    hi Pam and welcome to DTA.
    i also have a labradoodle. he's a chocolate F2 called Herbie and he's just coming up for a year. glad your getting on well with your new baby. she sounds like a doll. what colour and gen is she??? have you had a look at the doodle times site in Britain? its full of labradoodle lovers who share trials and errors with each other.

    here's a picture of my labradoodle but they are all very different in size , shape , coat type and colour.

  5. boughtdaughter New Member

    Hiya Groover - I've seen you post on UK Labradoodle Assoc Forum, and I've signed up for doodle times but not had much of a look yet.
    Karla is also a chocolate F2 and your Herbie looks very much how I expect Karla to be, as he looks very much like Karla's mum, and the breeder said Karla looked like her mum was as a pup - but then you can never tell what they grow up like really.

    AH! I was going to post a pic of her, but I can't even post a link to my Flickr account. :dogtongue: I haven't made enough posts yet.
    If you use Flickr, you could search for Labradoodle and Karla and you should find her! My username on there is Pam Martin - so you know it's me.
  6. groover New Member

    i just sneaked a peak at karla and she's a wee cutie:dogsmile:

    i think you have to do about 8 or 10 posts before you can put a picture on so get posting.
    hope to see you on doodle times sometime soon.


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