High attention heeling.


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Thanks :)

I never use focused heeling for walks - it's just a trick :) I'm not sure that most dogs can hold that sort of focus for an entire walk. But working on it definitely helps increase handler focus and will probably help with walking manners :)


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Oh, totally... she's not doing "fancy leg heeling" as i call it
for walks... just actually her front legs next to me instead of having the middle of her back. She listens better too as she is looking at me more often for instruction (lol; or treats!). She was never a bad walker but she is much better, she walks /next to me/ instead of /near me/ i can better deal with her when she sees another dog and she wants to go play.


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Thanks! She's a good pup :)

I haven't seen Silvia's video but have seen a few videos on Youtube of people working their dogs with her method. Watching those, I have a good idea of what she's doing for the rear end awareness and that is what I want to improve. Celeste Meade actually does some similar stuff calling it "brick work" and there is quite a bit of info on Youtube for that.
Wow I will have to check that out. And also our trainers are about to order Silvia's dvd, so I guess I'll get to watch it from herself. :) Anyways, thanks for more information on this.


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Our trainers already gave us DVD. Wow. I didn't finish watching it, but I love Silvia Trkman's approach and how much fun she's having w/ her dogs while teaching them new tricks. And I guess, the fun is the most important part of every training ;)