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:msngrin: Hi. My name is Liz. We got Flash on May 14, 2007. His birthday is March 19. I went to get a puppy as a surprise and I really only went to look but he came over and sat on my foot. He looked up at me with those big brown eyes :dogunsure: as if to say "take me home please". All his brothers and sisters were running around barking. I knew he would fit in with our family (2 kids, 3 cats) so he got to come home with me. The kids were at school. Dan was at work. So I nicknamed him One (he was the first born and the only one in the litter with a spot on his head) until the family was together to decide on a name. He reminded Dan of Flash (though he was a bassett and ours is a beagle) from the Dukes of Hazard and he has grown into his name. He is an excellent dog and has become a wonderful addition. He is very intelligent. At 9 months I can walk him off his leash (I don't often... we live in the city) and he stays close. He can sit, give paw, lay down, roll over, stand up, stay (or wait as we call it when he's on the leash). He loves to play fetch and is very relentless about it. He will drop the ball, sit and give paw before I throw it again (if he's not too worked up). He knows what his ball is. The only problem is that he has really bad separation anxiety :dogohmy: . He's afraid of our oldest male cat (about 9 yrs) and best friends with our youngest (turned a year in August). The other cat is our female (turned 4 in June) and she avoids Flash like the plauge. So that's our little furry family. :msnhugegrin:


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How cute, my uncle used to have a bassett named Flash. Unfortunately the big guy was stolen(how I have no idea), but they now have a new bassett and a boxer. Anyway, congrats on your new pup! I completely understand the separation anxiety issue. My border collie/blue heeler had a fairly severe case of separation anxiety when I first got him. Welcome to DTA! Enjoy the site!